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KYOCERA SLC Technologies Corporation Receives Amkor Technology, Inc. Supplier Award for Sophisticated Organic Substrate

November 22, 2010
Kyocera today announced it was honored by Amkor Technology, Inc. with a 2010 Supplier Award for its Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) semiconductor substrate, used in consumer market segments including camcorders, televisions, digital cameras, personal computers, computer networks, servers and storage devices. Kyocera's FCBGA is an organic-buildup, surface-laminar circuit (SLC) substrate to which an integrated circuit (IC) chip is attached as a die bump to the flip-chip pad solder connection.

“Kyocera's commitment to excellence and quality helped distinguish the company through its partnership with Amkor,” stated Kouji Mae, president of Kyocera SLC Technologies Corporation. “The sophisticated substrates Kyocera manufactures for Amkor continually expand the boundaries of technological capabilities and provide consumers with enhanced computer, television and digital camera experiences.”

Supplier awards were presented to 12 companies at Amkor's recent Supplier Day in Seoul, South Korea. The awards were presented by JooHo Kim, Amkor's executive vice president, worldwide manufacturing operations; SuYol Yoo, Amkor's senior vice president, procurement and logistics center; and YongKoo Park, Amkor's vice president, corporate procurement.

“These awards recognize that our suppliers are absolutely critical to Amkor's success in delivering innovative, cost-competitive advanced technology solutions for our customers,” said JooHo Kim. “Our competitive environment is rigorous, and building strong relationships with world-class, quality suppliers is more important than ever before.”

“The award winners were judged on their performance and ability to meet quality and technology goals,” SuYol Yoo continued. “These companies are solution-oriented, reliable, innovative, and customer focused, and we are proud to be associated with the winners of this award.”

Kyocera was the sole company among multiple suppliers awarded for supplying superior Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array substrates. Kyocera scored highly in quality and technology on Amkor's rating scale, helping it become the only FCBGA supplier to earn the award.

“Kyocera utilizes cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology to deliver the highest quality substrates to Amkor,” stated Kouji Mae. “Kyocera will strive to continually improve its supplier performance and technological capabilities to continue this important partnership.”