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KYOCERA Launches CA45 Series CVD-Coated Carbide Grades

Newly developed BB Coating improves wear and fracture resistance

April 20, 2010

Kyocera Corporation's (President: Tetsuo Kuba) Cutting Tool Division announces the introduction of two CA45 Series grades for machining cast iron. Featuring the new Bright Black (BB) Coating technology, the CA45 Series improves the cutting tools' resistance to wear and fractures.

The new CA4515 is capable of a wide range of machining – from continuous to heavily interrupted — placing emphasis on reliability in general-purpose materials such as gray cast and ductile cast iron. The new CA4505 grade is capable of high-speed and efficient machining while providing superior wear-resistance and durability.

Image: New Kyocera CA45 Series
New Kyocera CA45 Series

Product Overview

Product series




- Stability-oriented, general purpose grade
- Capable of a wide range of machining, from continuous to heavily interrupted machining, of gray cast and nodular cast iron

- Capable of high-speed and efficient machining of gray cast and nodular cast iron
- Superior wear-resistance and durability

Development Background

Manufacturers of automotive components continually demand improved machining precision and higher productivity. Accordingly, the need has also grown for improved durability and stability in cutting tools used for machining widely used materials such as gray cast and nodular cast iron.

Kyocera's new BB Coating technology for machining cast iron offers reduced cutting resistance and improved insert durability. This combination leads to increased machining efficiency with improved cost reduction.

New Product Features

1. New coating layer developed exclusively for cast iron machining
The BB (Bright Black) Coating Technology is comprised of new coating layers designed exclusively for cast iron machining.

The coating is primarily composed of an ultra-fine TiCN layer, an α-alumina layer, and Kyocera’s proprietary special top surface layer, optimized to provide consistent and extended tool life and improved machining efficiency.

The multi-layer coating structure reduces chip adhesion and offers improved anti-peeling performance through an optimal layer composition and surface treatment.

2. Improved adhesion-resistance and anti-layer peeling performance provides consistent and long tool life.
Metallic chips generated during machining can adhere to the insert, resulting in increased cutting-resistance and inconsistent tool life. Kyocera's proprietary Physical Innovation for Coating Advantage (PICA) technology, a special surface processing method, provides both high-quality surface finishes and consistent tool life by controlling chip-adhesion that can lead to sudden insert failure.

Surface Comparison of PICA and non-PICA Inserts

Image: Surface of insert treated with PICA
Surface of insert treated with PICA

Image: Surface of non-PICA insert
Surface of non-PICA insert