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KYOCERA Launches MFPN Cutter, a Highly Efficient Face Mill

Bolstering productivity with low cutting resistance and superior fracture resistance

April 20, 2010
Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) announces the launch of the MFPN cutter, a new face mill that promotes efficient machining with new PVD coated inserts. With the aim of providing superior productivity and lower operating costs, the new MFPN cutters and inserts combine superior fracture resistance with reduced cutting forces. This combination provides long and consistent tool life in multiple applications.

The MFPN cutter utilizes a double-sided pentagon-shaped insert. This economically efficient design offers 10 cutting edges per insert. The inserts have two locating surfaces in the pocket, contributing to improved rigidity, as well as extended and repeatable tool life. The inserts also feature a helical cutting edge design to reduce chatter and a double-edged design to reduce the cutting forces generated while machining. Three chipbreakers and two PVD coated carbide grades are available, making the MFPN suitable for a wide range of machining.

The MFPN is Kyocera's newest addition to the company's ever-growing lineup of cost efficient milling tools.

Photo: Cost efficient MFPN cutter face mill and inserts
Cost efficient MFPN cutter face mill and inserts

Product Features

1. General purpose, roughing face mill with pentagonal/10 corner inserts for improved cost savings
The new MFPN cutter uses double-sided pentagon-shaped inserts, offering 10 cutting edges. This reduces the cost per corner for greater cost savings.

In addition to the cost savings per edge, the cutter offers excellent stability through the positioning of the insert locating surfaces. These surfaces are positioned diagonally across from the main cutting edge, a design that distributes the cutting forces to reduce insert movement in the pocket.
Photo: 1.General purpose, roughing face mill with pentagonal/10 corner inserts for improved cost savings
2. Helical cutting edge design lowers cutting resistance and controls chatter
The new MFPN cutter reduces cutting resistance and controls chatter with the helical cutting edge design of its inserts.
3. Double-edge design helps prevent sudden insert fracture
The double-edge design allows a secondary cutting edge (β° angle) to cut after the primary cutting edge (α° angle) thins the chips.

Thanks to this design, the cutting forces and resulting vibration that occur as the insert exits the cut are dramatically reduced.
Photo: 3.Double-edge design helps prevent sudden insert fracture
4. Multiple chipbreakers are available to match a variety of applications
Three molded chipbreakers are offered for a range of applications: The general-purpose GM chipbreaker, the SM chipbreaker for lower cutting resistance, and the GH chipbreaker for heavy machining. Each chipbreaker features smooth chip evacuation and helps to reduce the possibility of re-cutting chips.
5.MEGACOAT provides long tool life
Kyocera's proprietary PVD* coating process, the MEGACOAT, applies a hard and oxidation-resistant coating layer to the insert surface. The unique properties of the MEGACOAT offer extraordinary wear resistance and provide superior durability in high-speed machining.

*Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating: A method whereby electrical or heat energy causes chemical reactions such as fusion and ionization to form a physical coating on the surface of the base material.

Pitch Variations and Applications
Product series MFPN Cutter
Cutter specifications Coarse pitch Close pitch Extra close pitch
  • Steel or alloy steel machining (to reduce chatter on machines with lower torque values)
  • To reduce the total cost per cutter load
  • Stainless machining (to reduce chatter on machines with lower torque values)
  • Cast iron machining (when the axial depth of cut is equal to 4mm or more, or when the feed per tooth equals 0.35mm/t or more)
  • Steel or alloy steel machining
  • Stainless machining
  • Cast iron machining (when seeking to improve metal removal rates and reduce cycle times)

Insert Applications
Insert description PNMU 1205ANER-GM PNMU 1205ANER-SM PNMU 1205ANER-GH
Chipbreaker designation GM breaker SM breaker GH breaker
Application General-purpose Reduced cutting resistance Heavy machining