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KYOCERA Establishes New Sales Company in India

Strengthening components sales in the high-growth Indian market

July 29, 2009
Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) today announced the establishment of KYOCERA Asia Pacific India Private Limited (hereafter, "KAPI") - a new Kyocera Group sales company that has been positioned to cohesively strengthen components sales in the continually expanding Indian market.

KAPI, which is to start operations on August 1, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KYOCERA Asia Pacific Private Limited (President: Yuji Goto; headquarters: Singapore; hereafter, "KAP") - a Kyocera subsidiary dedicated to sales in the Asia-Pacific region.

In recent years, even amongst the BRIC countries, India has been accomplishing strikingly high economic growth - with a GDP growth rate second only to China. With development of the IT industry, and following the rapid expansion of the automotive and digital consumer electronics industries, many Japanese and foreign-based manufacturers have been setting up and relocating sales offices and manufacturing sites in the country.

Up until now, Kyocera sales activities to India had mainly been conducted from the KAP headquarters in Singapore. In 2005, KAP set up a representative office in Bangalore, India to help support the cutting tool sales of local distributors, and since then has also started actively marketing Kyocera's line of products including electronic, semiconductor, fine ceramic and thin film components as well as solar panels. Recognizing the importance of the rapidly growing Indian market, the establishment of KAPI will allow the Kyocera Group to better respond to customer needs and product demand.

As one of the markets in Asia on which Kyocera has placed strategic importance, KAPI will be able to aggressively develop its sales activities in India. The new company will begin with sales of cutting tools, and subsequently progress with further sales of other Kyocera components.

Company Summary
Company name KYOCERA Asia Pacific India Private Limited
Headquarters Gurgaon City, India (near the capital of New Delhi)
Shareholder composition Wholly-owned by KYOCERA Asia Pacific Private Limited
Capital 80 million Rupees (approx. JPY160 million; INR1 = approx. JPY2)
Start of operations August 1, 2009
Representative Yuji Goto (also president of KYOCERA Asia Pacific Private Limited)
Operations Marketing and sales of fine ceramic components, semiconductor components, solar panels, cutting tools, applied ceramic products, electronic components, thin film products, etc.