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KYOCERA Launches Sales of New Indexable Drill,
“Magic Drill DRX”

New technology provides stable and efficient drilling, contributing to increased productivity

April 20, 2009
Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) today announced that sales of its new indexable drill*1, Magic Drill DRX, developed for the machine tool business and used mainly for hole drilling, will be launched on April 21, 2009.

Developed for smoother evacuation of chips, this new drill model enables higher productivity by reducing the drilling time of a variety of workpiece materials.

The holder features a new design with a twisted coolant hole, adopted for the first time by Kyocera, which allows cooling of the friction heat generated during drilling, as well as effective evacuation of chips. Compared to the conventional design, the new DRX offers a 60 percent larger internal flute, significantly improving the evacuation of drilled chips. Concurrent with the development of the DRX, three new chipbreakers are also being launched for the stable and efficient processing of various materials, including sticky materials such as stainless steel and low carbon steels.

A drilling process that previously took 58 minutes to complete with a conventional Kyocera model can now be completed in 28 minutes with the DRX, reducing cycle time by approximately half*3 — greatly improving drilling efficiency.

*1 Indexable drill: A cutting tool for drilling holes that uses a special insert which can be rotated or replaced when the cutting edge becomes dull.
*2 Chipbreaker: Protrusion or groove on the insert designed to split chips created while drilling.
*3 Data from external evaluation. Cycle time reduction will vary by customer material and drilling conditions.

Photo: Magic Drill DRX
Magic Drill DRX

Special Chipbreakers for New Magic Drill DRX
Photo:GM Chipbreaker:Multi-purpose, 
for steel, cast iron
Photo: GH Chipbreaker:For hardened materials, interrupted drilling Strengthened flute tip
Photo: SM Chipbreaker: For Stainless steel and low carbon steel Low resistance, deep drilling
GM Chipbreaker:
for steel, cast iron
GH Chipbreaker:
For hardened materials,
interrupted drilling
Strengthened flute tip
SM Chipbreaker:
For Stainless steel and
low carbon steel
Low resistance,
deep drilling

Product Summary
Product Name Magic Drill DRX Model
Processing Use Hole drilling, etc.

New Product Features

1. Holder Features

New twisted coolant hole
With the adoption of a twisted coolant hole, the first for Kyocera, the size of the chip flute on the internal cutting edge has been increased by 60 percent compared to the conventional model. This design significantly improves chip evacuation performance by providing additional clearance for chips to flow freely up the flute and out of the drilled hole. To suppress any potential vibration caused by the increase in the size of the chip flute, a special alloy has been adopted for all the drill bodies. The use of this alloy will also enhance rigidity and improve drilling reliability.
Image: New Technology: Twisted Coolant Hole
New Technology: Twisted Coolant Hole

2. Insert Features
(1) Newly developed chipbreakers
Sticky materials, such as stainless steel or low carbon steel, produce chips that can easily get tangled in many drills, and are a problem since it is then necessary to interrupt the drilling cycle to remove the chips.

Image: Newly Developed Chipbreaker; Left side photo: Wider Chipbreaker (outer edge), Small chips for 
better evacuation / Right side photo: Flat chipbreaker 
(innner edge), Ideal continuous chips
Newly Developed Chipbreaker

With the adoption of a wider chipbreaker on the outer edge, small chips are created even with sticky materials that are difficult to drill, thus enhancing evacuation performance. The inner edge uses a flat chipbreaker that forms ideal continuous chips. By utilizing a lineup of three types of chipbreakers — the GM breaker for steel and cast iron, the GH breaker with a strengthened flute tip for hardened materials and interrupted drilling, and the SM breaker for stainless steel and low carbon steel — the Magic Drill DRX series is capable of working with a variety of materials.

(2) MEGACOAT PVD coating
Wear resistance and oxidation resistance are enhanced by the application of Kyocera's unique MEGACOAT PVD coating method*4. The inserts are designed with four cutting edges, two inner pocket cutting edges and two outer pocket cutting edges, allowing for further reduction in overall tooling costs.

*4 PVD coating method: Physical Vapor Deposition, a method which physically deposits a hardened coating layer on the substrate surface by fusion and ionization using electricity or heat energy.