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Compatible with all heat sources, including IH cooking devices,
and superior in heat retention

KYOCERA Introduces the Ceramic Pot

Enjoyable dining together with all family members

November 20, 2007
Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) is pleased to announce to introduce the new addition of the Ceramic Pot to the product line-up for kitchen utensils on December 1.
The heat-retention properties of the Ceramic Pot are equivalent to those of an earthen pot. In addition to this, due to the effects of the protrusions inside the lid, the flavors can be concentrated and retained, making the pot a highly functional cooking device. The Ceramic Pot can be used with all heat sources, including IH cooking devices and microwave ovens. In addition, the colorful Ceramic Pot adds a dash of flair to the dining table, while the exterior has been designed for simplicity. Kyocera’s Ceramic Pot is both a utensil for preparing fine cuisine and a means of having an enjoyable meal with all family members.

phot: Ceramic Pot
Ceramic Pot

Product name

Ceramic Pot

N-54 (small)

N-63 (large)


Pot internal diameter 20cm (at maximum)

Pot internal diameter 25cm (at maximum)


1680 g

2500 g





16,800 yen (including tax)

21,000 yen (including tax)


Body: Glass ceramic   Lid: Ceramic


Body: White   Lid: Yellow or green

Sales target

5000 units/month


To be released on December 1 on the shopping web site, “Kaimonoichiba”

Kyocera Corporation has actively promoted dietary education activities through the creation of opportunities to learn the importance of diet and the enjoyment of cooking. These initiatives include the sale of kitchen utensils for children and the presentation of “Family Cooking” events.
The Basic Law on Shokuiku (Food Education) was enacted in 2005. This law in particular advocates the importance of dietary education activities at home. Kyocera Corporation believes that, in promoting food awareness, it is important to have a warm pot, to create opportunities to encourage communication within family.
In recent years, houses that use only electricity have rapidly spread because electricity is safe to handle as it does not involve the use of any fire. Consequently, demand for pots that can be used with IH cooking devices have been increasing every year.
In response to the trend toward the IH kitchen and in consideration of the importance of a pot on food awareness at home, Kyocera Corporation has commercialized ceramic pots that can be used with all heat sources and that feature the inherent characteristic of ceramics of superior heat retention.

Product features
1. Compatible with all heat sources
In addition to direct heat, the product can be used with all heat sources, such as IH cooking devices, microwave ovens, and convection ovens. It is possible to use one pot for a wide variety of cooking methods.

2. Heat retention equivalent to that of an earthen pot
This pot has superior heat retention. The food that has been prepared can therefore be kept warm even after turning off the heat. This pot will allow you to enjoy boiling hot food, such as stews and curries, and rice dishes at the table.

Comparative heat retention
image: Comparative heat retention
*Research by Kyocera Corporation
(Based on the preparation of cream stew)
3. Tastier because of the benefits of far-infrared radiation
When heated at high temperature, far-infrared radiation is emitted from the inside of the pot, enabling the heat to penetrate fully into the food.
4. Light and easy to handle
The weight of the pot is approximately half that of cast enamel pots, making it easy to handle and easy to care for and clean.
5. Clean because it can be disinfected and bleached
As the product is made from ceramics, it does not generate metallic ions, allowing to enjoy the authentic taste of the food. In addition, the pot is resistant to acid and alkali, enabling to disinfect or bleach the pot to keep it clean.
6. Taste retained by the protrusions inside the lid
The large number of protrusions inside the lid play a key role to trapping the steam, including the favors it contains, condensing the vapor and returning it uniformly to the inside of the pot.
In this way, the flavor becomes more pronounced, without the vapor being released, and is thoroughly circulated in the pot, making the food more delicious.
Taste retained by the protrusions inside the lid

Naming campaign
From December 3, Kyocera Corporation is accepting applications for naming of the new product so that the new Ceramic Pot will become a user-friendly cooking utensil.
Details of the application and the announcement can be found on the dietary education website, The announcement is scheduled to be made at the end of March.

*For further information on application, please see <> (Japanese only).