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Kyocera held the "Family Cooking in Kyoto" event,
nurturing children's five senses using the traditional vegetables of Kyoto

August 10, 2007

On Thursday, August 9, 2007, Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura), as part of its dietary education activities, held the hands-on event called "Family Cooking in Kyoto," for five parent-child groups residing in Kyoto, jointly hosted by Kids Station, Inc.

At this event, parents and their children tried their hands at cooking using kitchen utensils such as ceramic knives and peelers made by Kyocera. Because the event was held in Kyoto, home of Kyocera's headquarters, the children, aged between three and five years old, were able to learn about the importance of food with the five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell by using traditional Kyoto vegetables such as Kamo eggplant and Manganji chili peppers.

Even with cutting tools, which generally have the image of being dangerous for the use of children, Kyocera considers it important to enable a better understanding for children in their early years by teaching them proper use and actually having them use the utensils. By promoting these kinds of dietary education activities, not only can children understand the joy and importance of food by trying cooking for themselves for the first time and using all of their senses, Kyocera also hopes that this encourages greater parent-child communication for all participants.

With the help of their mothers, the children participating in the event diligently prepared the food using ceramic knives, with considerable surprise at the large Kyoto vegetables. A 5-year-old participant in particular, who seemed satisfied at how the cooking turned out, remarked with a happy look "I want to help out at home, too."

Event Program
11:15~ 1. About summer vegetables What kind of vegetables are in season in summer?
11:25~ 2. Can you guess this sound? A game using vegetables
11:40~ 3. Looking at the insides of vegetables (panel) Introducing cross-sections of vegetables using illustrations
11:55~ 4. Examining Kyoto vegetables Examining the differences in shape and size of Kyoto vegetables to regular vegetables
12:15~ 5. Lesson on knives and peelers

A knife lesson using Manganji chili peppers Checking that everyone can bend their fingers like a cat's paw for cutting

12:25~ 6. Cooking challenge Parents and children cook according to a recipe using Kyoto vegetables.
13:25~ 7. Tasting Eating the meal which was cooked in the cooking challenge

Kyocera's Dietary Education Activities
With the spread of fast food and the increase of high-calorie foods in countries around the world, child obesity is becoming a growing problem. Governments in many countries are embarking on measures for dietary education. Moreover, concepts such as LOHAS in the United States and Slow Food in Italy are reviewing dietary habits.

In Japan, with the implementation of the Basic Law on Dietary Education in July 2005, awareness about food has recently been heightened across the country. Dietary education aims at good dietary habits through better food education.

Kyocera, which manufactures ceramic kitchen utensils, believes that actively supporting dietary education activities is one of the major roles it can play in contributing to society. From 2004, Kyocera has been creating opportunities for people to learn about the importance of food and the joy of cooking.

Moreover, from 2006, Kyocera has been contributing to dietary education by cooperating with the Family Cooking dietary education program aired on the Kids Station children's and animation channel.

Kitchen Utensils for Children: "Fine Lafamille" series
Since 2004, Kyocera has been marketing the "Fine Lafamille" series of kitchen utensils aimed at children with the concept of allowing parents and their children to enjoy cooking together. Fine ceramics kitchen utensils are light and easy to handle, and were used in this event.
Fine Kitchen Mini Ceramic Peeler Cutting Board

Fine Kitchen Mini

Ceramic Peeler

Cutting Board