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Kyocera Invites Forty Chinese Children to Japan

The Tenth Friendly Exchange Mission of Chinese Children

July 24, 2007
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura), as part of its CSR activity, will host the Friendly Exchange Mission of Chinese Children, in which Chinese children are invited to visit Japan for nine days from July 29 to August 6.
This will be the tenth tour since children from Shilong Town in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province were invited in 1997. This year, we will invite forty elementary and junior high students from Dongguan City, Guangdong, and Guiyang City, Guizhou to go sightseeing in Tokyo, experience Japanese culture and visit a school in Kyoto, and stay with host families in Kagoshima for two nights. They will also join the summer festival "matsuri" at our Kokubu and Sendai plants in Kagoshima with their host families (our employees) to have exchanges with the community and enjoy the festive mood and culture of the Japanese festival.

Period :Sunday, July 29 to Monday, August 6, 2007; eight nights, nine days
Participants : Children who reside in Dongguan City, Guangdong and Guiyang City, Guizhou, and are in fifth to ninth grades as of the day participating on the tour.
Total participants : 40 students (20 boys, 20 girls), and seven supervisors, 47 people in all
Itinerary : July 29 Arrive in Japan
  July 30 - 31 Stay in Tokyo (go sightseeing on the 31st, then travel to Kyoto)
  August 1 - 2   Stay in Kyoto
  August 3 - 5 Stay in Kagoshima
  August 6 Depart Japan

Scenes from last year's tour
Fine ceramic museum
Fine ceramic museum
Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School
Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School

Details of the schedule
Sun., Jul. 29 Arrive at Narita Airport  
Mon., Jul. 30 Sightseeing in Tokyo Spend the day at Tokyo Disneyland
Tue., Jul. 31 (a.m.)
Sightseeing in Tokyo

Visit the Embassy of People's Republic of China
(Company representative: Noboru Nakamura, Chairman) Travel to Kyoto
Wed., Aug. 1 Sightseeing in Kyoto,
experience Japanese culture
Visit "Inamori Library" at the Kyocera Management Research Center; go sightseeing in "Kiyomizu-dera" and "Ginkakuji".

Experience sado (tea ceremony) at "Urasenke Konnichian"; go sightseeing in "Kinkakuji" and other sites.
Thurs., Aug. 2   Visit Kyocera Headquarters;

Visit and exchange with Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School
Visit Kyocera Headquarters; attend welcome ceremony.

A word from Kazuo Inamori, Chairman Emeritus
Oath of Japan-China friendship:
Representative from visiting group

Following the ceremony: Visit the "Museum of Fine Ceramics" and "Art Museum" on the premises.

Visit Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School: Future/prospective students of Japan and China exchange through activities such as discussions on global environmental issues and experiencing the education program employed at the school.
Venue: Co-Learning House at the Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School Biwako-Kusatsu Campus
Fri., Aug. 3 Travel to Kagoshima

Two-night host family program at the homes of Kyocera employees
Field trip to Kokubu Plant

Welcome ceremony and host family union at Hotel Kyocera
Two nights' stay with host families
Sat., Aug. 4 Exchange with host families.

Attend Kyocera Summer festival of Kokubu and Sendai Plants.
Sun., Aug. 5 Farewell party with host families; lunch

Mon., Aug. 6

Return to China

Depart from Kansai Airport.

This tour has come about based on the experiences of the current chairman emeritus, Kazuo Inamori, when he first visited the United States on a business trip back when Kyocera was founded. He was exhilarated by witnessing a different culture.
Since 1976, Mr. Inamori has hosted tours that provide children with the opportunity to visit foreign countries. The tours come from his desire to enable children who have a high level of awareness and unbiased views on society to experience other cultures hands-on during their youth, and to grow up to become leaders who are capable of making judgments from a global perspective and become people with many dreams. These are the ideals that Inamori sees as vital. Starting with the "Kyocera Overseas Training Tour" in which Japanese children visited the United States, he later began inviting children in the United States to Japan called the "Horizon Tour". Although both have continued for over a quarter century, children who have participated in the tours have learned a great deal from their experience of diverse cultures and from the warm communications with local people as they gain a greater understanding of the other country. The network of international exchange at the private level has constantly expanded.

In 1997, the "Japan-China Friendship Tour" (current the Friendly Exchange Mission of Chinese Children) has been started, in which ten children from Dongguan City, Guangdong visited Japan. We have since increased the number of our subsidiaries in China, and they currently number 19 throughout the country. This has led us to extend invitations to other regions and to more people starting in 2001, and we now offer tours to children from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dongguan in Guandong and Guiyang in Guizhou, which are all the major cities of China with which Kyocera have deep ties. Cities are selected on a rotating cycle each year.*1 This year is the tenth tour, and a total of 210 children have participated in the past tours.

This tour includes visits to schools and a two-night host family program. It provides Chinese children with the opportunity to have exchanges with Japanese children of the same generation and understand diverse cultures through contact with the people and culture of Japan. It is our desire that through these experiences, children will grow up to become international citizens capable of establishing friendly relationships between Japan and China, and to lead prosperous and fruitful lives as leaders in various fields.
*1 We invite children from three areas that alternate each year. The areas are Beijing and Tianjin/ Shanghai /Dongguan and Guiyang.

Anybody wishing to report on or take photographs of the Friendly Exchange Mission of Chinese Children during its visit is requested to contact Corporate Communications at Kyocera Corporation.

1. Kyocera Overseas Study Tour
This tour is for Japanese children to visit the U.S.
The tour started in 1976, and ended with the 25th tour in 2000 because its objectives were attained. Initially, it started with the dispatch of 20 children of our employees in Japan to the United States. The scope was expanded in the fifth year, 1980, and a total of 40 children, including 20 elementary school and junior high school students who were also invited from the public, traveled overseas each year. The number of participants changed from time to time, but altogether, 860 elementary and junior high school children visited the United States as part of the tour over the past quarter century.

2. Horizon Tour
This tour is for American children to visit Japan.
This tour started in 1978, two years after the Overseas Study Tour started, and ended with the 25th tour in 2002. It initially started out by inviting to Japan eight children of employees of our affiliates in the United States. In line with the expanding scope of participants who joined in the tour from Japan and the number of invitees on the Overseas Study Tour in 1980, calls for participants from the public also started in the United States. Since then, 30 elementary and junior high school children from the United States have been invited to Japan each year. The number of participants changed from time to time, but altogether, 508 children participated in the tour during the 25-year period.

3. The Friendly Exchange Missions of Chinese Children to Japan
The establishment of our affiliated company Dongguan Shilong Kyocera Optics Co., Ltd. in July 1996 served as the starting point for the Japan-China Friendship Tour. The tour has been held on four occasions since 1997. Ten elementary and junior high school children were invited to Japan from Dongguan City in Guangdong Province each year, and the number of participants totaled 40. The area and number of invitees for the tour expanded in 2001, and the tour has been renamed the Friendly Exchange Missions of Chinese Children to Japan. So far, 180 children have participated in the tour.