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Kyocera Launches the Fine Ceramics World

The world first full-scale website concerning fine ceramics provided by Kyocera a leader in fine ceramics

July 4, 2007
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) is pleased to announce today the launch of the Fine Ceramics World, the world's first full-scale website for providing a comprehensive and systematic understanding of fine ceramics.
Fine ceramics are very diverse in terms of types, properties and applications, and they become indispensable materials for electronics and other industries.
Kyocera manufactures a comprehensive range of fine ceramics and has been involved in researching these superior materials for nearly half a century. The company has developed various applications and markets of these products.
Kyocera is opening a new dedicated site in its website for not only engineers, researchers and students of the science department, but also for every one of all ages who is wishing to learn about fine ceramics. The new website includes about 150 technical terms listed under the JIS standards, and provides clear explanations about fine ceramics for ranging from the public to for students who are commencing the study of fine ceramics by using illustrations and animations.

Top page of the Fine Ceramics World
Top page of the Fine Ceramics World

Opening date: July 4, 2007
Total pages: Approx. 100 pages

Ceramics is one of three key materials, in addition to metal and organic materials. Earthenware, glass, and cement belong to the ceramics family. Also a member of the family is fine ceramics, which is made by applying a high level of control over refined materials of high purity.
Kyocera has been a pioneer of fine ceramics through the development of technologies in this area since the company was founded, and it has explored the potential of the materials and expanded the scope of applications to include a range of areas through establishment of the technologies. Currently, fine ceramics are used in a wide range of areas, from electronics to automobiles, energy, medical applications and everyday products.
Kyocera has opened the Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics, an exhibition space for presenting fine ceramics products and their technologies to the public at its head office in Kyoto and at the Kokubu Plant in Kagoshima. Through these initiatives, the company has strived to promote an awareness of fine ceramics for a long time.
The company decided to establish its website in the hope that a large number of people will achieve a better understanding of fine ceramics, and to further expand the potential of the materials.

Content Highlights
1. Unveiling fine ceramics through "the introduction to the basics of fine ceramics"
What are ceramics? What is a difference between ceramics and fine ceramics? The new website presents the production process, the types and a history of ceramics so that people can become interested in fine ceramics.

2. Getting a better understanding at "the characteristics of fine ceramics"
The new website provides clear explanations of the main characteristics, such as dielectronic, insulation and hardness by using illustrations and animation. It also provides detailed explanations using technical data to satisfy engineers' interests.
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 An experimental animation to show
how hard fine ceramic is.

3. Providing a comprehensive understanding with reference to "the fine ceramics dictionary" and "Let's Learn about Fine Ceramics!!"
The audience will grasp the full scope of fine ceramics at "the fine ceramics dictionary" and a special section entitled, "Let's Learn about Fine Ceramics!!"
  image : Kyocera Launches of the Fine Ceramics World