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Doubling the Life of Conventional Products with New Material and Coating

KYOCERA Releases the PR1115 for Medium- to High-Speed Groove Cutting

March 8, 2007
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced that its Cutting Tool Division has developed PR1115, a grooving tool that is ideally suited to cutting grooves in a broad array of materials, from general steel to stainless steel.
The product features a newly developed micro grain carbide substrate and a new fine surface (FS) PVD coating that doubles the tool lifetime compared with that of existing products.


Outline of the new product

Product name

PR1115 for grooving
(PVD coated)

Description 205 items
Application and use Precision grooving
Plant for mass production Kagoshima Sendai Plant
Sales target 100 million yen in the first year

In the market for grooving for automotive components and industrial machinery components, recent years have brought growing demand for improved work quality in terms of surface roughness and dimension tolerance, shorter working hours enabled by high-speed processing and better productivity and lower costs associated with longer tool life. Achieving these goals requires the development of new materials that can prevent degradation in work quality and defects caused by tool wear. Kyocera has recently developed a new material with improved durability against wear and damage, and is now launching sales of grooving tools that use the new material.

Product Features
PR1115 is ideal for medium- and high-speed grooving and features a new micro grain carbide substrate and FS PVD coating that double the tool life compared with that of conventional products. For users, this means improved productivity and reduced costs.

Adopting a newly developed micro grain carbide substrate
Stronger hardness and durability against oxidaion have been achieved to withstand temperature rise at the cutting tool chip, something that has traditionally posed problems in high-speed processing, by significantly reducing the metal content compared with conventional materials. Greater toughness has also been realized, by enlarging constituent particles. These features led to the successful development of the micro grain carbide substrate with improved hardness and strength, as well as excellent durability against wear and defects.

Using a new FS PVD coating
FS coating, a type of PVD coating that employs titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), offers surface smoothness and high wear resistance, in addition to high-temperature stability. Kyocera has improved its unique coating process and created a harder coating that has a finer and more compact texture. These features produced an excellent new FS PVD coating that retains high durability against wear even under tough conditions such as high-speed and interrupted processing.