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KYOCERA Releases New Cutting Tools: PR1025 and PR1005

New Material Realizes Extend Life to Nearly Twice That of Conventional Products

February 26, 2007
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) today announced the launch of two new cutting tools products, PR1025, suitable for precision processing of carbon and alloy steels, and PR1005 for free cutting steels. The products will be introduced to the market on March 1.

PR1025 and PR1005
PR1025 and PR1005

Outline of the new products

Product name

PR1025 (PVD coated) PR1005 (PVD coated)
Description 539 items 202 items
Application and use Precision cutting of carbon steel & alloy steel Precision cutting of free cutting steels
Plants for mass production Kagoshima Sendai Plant Kagoshima Sendai Plant
Release date March 1, 2007 March 1, 2007
Price range 756 to 2,888 yen (including tax) 1,386 to 2,888 yen (including tax)
Sales target 300 million yen in the first year 80 million yen in the first year

In recent years, processing and cutting small precision parts for automotives and information equipments has demanded the high quality and long-life tools at ever greater levels.
To respond to user demands for higher quality materials for tools, avoiding processing ability loss and crack, Kyocera has developed a strong new material and will start releasing two series that improves resistance to damage and wear.

Features of New Materials
Kyocera has successfully developed long-life micro grain carbide substrate to improved hardness and strength while enhancing rigidity by improving components and the mixing methods from conventional tools. By combining Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) thin film PVD coating* suitable for micro grain carbide substrate, specially developed by Kyocera, these products offer stable and twice longer life, comparing conventional one. In addition to its existing tool for processing steels, PR930, Kyocera will introduce PR1025 for medium to low speed, interrupted processing of steels and PR1005 for medium to high speed, continuous processing of free cutting steels. These new products realize to achieve high productivity for processing every kind of steel, from general to free cutting steels.

*PVD coating: Physical Vapor Deposition. A method of coating the substrate materials by producing a chemical response using electricity or thermal energy.

Product Features
PR 1025 realizes stable cutting, employing a special PVD coating featuring anti-oxidation performance and wear resistance, as well as a stronger carbide substrate that improves the constituent materials.
It helps reduce costs and improve the productivity with the extended life span, twice as long as conventional one.

Thanks to the high sintering technology, the product provides low reactivity and strength, comparing with conventional products.
The product employs a sharp blade shape, suitable for free cutting steels, and PVD coating for anti-oxidation performance and wear resistance to achieve high quality processing and cutting of materials, and to double tool life improves user productivity and reduces costs.