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KYOCERA’s Kyoto Opal Sparkles in New Glitters by Nail Labo

New “Crystal type” Kyoto Opal used for the first time adding its sheer radiance for elegant nail designs

August 30, 2017
Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) announced today that its new “Crystal type” Kyoto Opal material is being used for the first time in Nail Labo’s Presto Glitters to expand its range of products for professional nail salons. With the new type of Kyoto Opal featuring excellent transparency with rich and subtle hues, the new glitters reflect 14 traditional Japanese colors to add sparkling radiance to nail designs. Ideal for both special occasions and everyday use, the new colors are available now in the United States at Nail Labo’s website and retail store.

Image: Nail art utilizing Nail Labo’s Presto Kyoto Opal Glitter
Nail art utilizing Nail Labo’s Presto Kyoto Opal Glitter

Product Overview

Product name Presto Kyoto Opal Glitter
Sales channel  Nail Labo’s website and retail store (California)

Color Variations of the New Presto Kyoto Opal Glitter

Image: Color Variations of the New Presto Kyoto Opal Glitter

About Kyoto Opal

“Kyoto Opal” is a term used to refer to the synthetic opal material developed by Kyocera in Kyoto, Japan. Seemingly identical to naturally occurring opal, Kyoto Opal is manufactured to overcome the gem’s inherent brittleness, which gives it a tendency to split and crack. This enables the material to be cut into more diverse shapes. It can be used in various applications to provide rich and subtle hues and tints through special coloring techniques. Kyocera’s proprietary technology creates a unique aesthetic quality that cannot be duplicated by other molded resin-based products.

Kyocera’s synthetic opals have been used in jewelry and accessories all over the world since 1980. In 2008, Kyocera launched the “Kyoto Opal” brand in Japan as a unique decorative material. Since then, it has been utilized in a readily growing range of products available in Japan and other markets, including Casio’s SHEEN watch lineup, Yamaha’s musical instruments, Japanese traditional crafts, and more recently nail gels and glitters.

Image: Kyoto Opal “Crystal type”
Kyoto Opal “Crystal type”