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KYOCERA Introduces “TORQUE® G03” Rugged Smartphone in Japan

Equipped with super wide view action camera that lets you capture footage from your surfboard, motorcycle, or during other outdoor settings

July 6, 2017
(This product is only available to the Japanese market)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) announced the release of TORQUE® G03, a rugged smartphone with advanced features supporting a wide range of uses. Equipped with a 135-degree super wide view action camera and Action Overlay which displays data such as speed or distance on video recordings, the phone is compliant with 19 categories of Military Standard 810G in addition to Kyocera’s proprietary durability testing. The handset was launched on June 30 as part of au’s new lineup and is available in three colors: Green, Black and Blue.

Image: See videos taken with Action Overlay while surfing (left) and BMX riding (right):
See videos taken with Action Overlay while surfing (left) and BMX riding (right):
*Available in Japanese only


Last year in the United States, Kyocera introduced the DuraForce PRO equipped with a super wide view action camera, the first*1 rugged smartphone to be available from all four of the leading service providers in the U.S. market. With TORQUE G03, Kyocera is now offering its first action camera-equipped smartphone in Japan, building on its expertise as a pioneer in durable and ruggedized mobile devices suitable for various scenes such as surfing, running, mountain climbing and camping.

Main Features

1. High reliability proven through durability testing
TORQUE G03 complies with 19 categories of Military Standard 810G, including protection from water, dust, drops, extreme temperatures and more. It has also passed two requirements (seawater resistance, withstand load) in Kyocera’s proprietary testing as well as an independent drop test from a height of 1.8m onto a steel plate and concrete. Additionally, the phone is equipped with Hybrid Shield, Kyocera’s proprietary anti-shattering display utilizing both Dragontrail® X tempered glass and an acrylic screen with scratch-resistant coating.

2. Functions supporting outdoor activities

1) Super wide view action camera
In addition to a 13-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel front-facing camera, the phone features a 135-degree super wide view action camera, allowing users to record vital activity scenes or grand nature scenes in Full HD videos.
  Image: Super wide view action camera

2) Action Overlay
With Action Overlay, the phone can obtain data such as speed, distance, altitude and overlay them on videos, thus recording accomplishments in outdoor activities. Users can additionally take photos with Action Overlay.
  Image: Action Overlay

3) Underwater mode
In addition to resistance to seawater, the phone enables underwater filming. The “underwater mode” is activated automatically when the handset is submerged in water, moving controls from the touchscreen to the phone’s physical buttons. Users can film dynamic ocean scenes with the super wide view action camera.
  Image: Underwater mode

3. Excellent operability enabling use in various environments

1) Glove touch & wet touch operation
Users can operate the smartphone touchscreen easily even when the display or their fingers are wet, or when wearing gloves*2.
  Image: Glove touch & wet touch operation

2) Smart Sonic Receiver®
The whole display vibrates to clearly transmit sound from the other party using both sound waves and vibration. This enables users to hear the smartphone clearly no matter where their ear is placed on the screen.
  Image: Smart Sonic Receiver

3) Fingerprint sensor for security
Located in a position enabling users to grasp and hold easily, the fingerprint sensor is protected with bumpers that buffer shock when dropped.
  Image: Fingerprint sensor for security

4) Dual front-facing speakers
Installed on the front of the phone, the two speakers can produce sound volumes exceeding 100dB (3kHz), allowing the user to easily hear in outdoor environments.

4. Sensor-based portal app which displays useful outdoor information

The phone is equipped with a portable app with which users can view useful information for various outdoor activities. The app installed in TORQUE G03 includes new items such as “Sailor’s Log” supervised by HELLY HANSEN® (GOLDWIN INC.) enabling users to track sailing routes.

Image: Dual front-facing speakers

5. Other useful outdoor functions

1) Audio notifications with outdoor information
The handset can be configured to audibly read information relevant to outdoor activities such as walking distances, changes in altitude, etc.

2) Notification of network availability
The phone provides audio notifications when entering and leaving service areas*3.

3) Flashlight
The phone is equipped with a flashlight feature that can also be set to blink to signal the user’s location in dark settings. A brightness setting adjusts the intensity of the light and users can also change the lighting time settings.

4) Outdoor audio signals
For outdoor enthusiasts, the phone offers a loud “buzzer” to indicate emergencies, a “whistle” to indicate your location to others, and a “bear bell” warning to provide ongoing notification of the user’s presence and location.

*1 Based on research by Kyocera.
*2 There are cases in which operation is difficult depending on the type of gloves. If the handset is wet, the screen cannot be operated with gloves.
*3 Battery life may be reduced depending on the usage environment or conditions.

Rated for MIL-STD-810G in the following 19 categories: Blowing rain of 1.7mm/min for 30 minutes in six directions; Immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5m; Rain drops from a height of 1m (15 minutes); Sand and dust for six consecutive hours (wind speed of 8.9m/sec, concentration of 10.6g/m3); Dropping on plywood (lauan lumber) from a height of approx. 1.22m in 26 directions; Shock of 40G imparted three times from six directions with the terminal attached to the shock tester; Vibration for three hours (one hour/20-2,000Hz in three directions); Solar radiation for 10 days with exposure to radiation of 1,120W/m2 for 20 consecutive hours each day; Humidity for 10 days in a row (95%RH); High temperature—three consecutive hours of operation at 50°C and four consecutive hours of storage at 60°C; Low temperature - three consecutive hours of operation at -21°C and four consecutive hours of storage at -30°C; Temperature shock with rapid temperature changes between -21 and 50°C for three consecutive hours; Low pressure (operation/storage) for two consecutive hours (equivalent to 57.2kPa / an altitude of approx. 4,572m); Salt fog - exposure to salt fog of 5% salinity for 24 consecutive hours and drying for 24 hours; Freeze-thaw in which a condensation or fog is created at -10°C for one hour following an operation check at 25°C at 95%RH; Icing/Freezing Rain in which cooling water is frozen at -10°C into ice with a thickness of 6mm.
Shock resistance: Complying with the United States Department of Defense MIL-STD-810G Method 516.7 Shock-Procedure IV, the phone was additionally tested proprietarily by dropping a non-operating unit onto a steel plate and concrete at 26 angles from 1.8 meters. Cannot be guaranteed against all types of shocks.
Waterproof: IPX5 refers to resistance to water projected at all angles through a 6.3mm nozzle at a flow rate of 12.5 liters/min for 3 minutes or more from a distance of 3 meters. IPX8 refers to resistance to immersion in tap water at ordinary temperature (static water) for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters.
Dust resistance: IP6X refers to resistance against dust particles for testing under 75μm.
Withstand load: Verified by Kyocera’s proprietary test, the phone can resist a surface load of 100kgf applied evenly to the overall body.
Seawater resistance: Immersion in seawater (artificial seawater modeled on composition off the Japanese coast) for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters. Cannot be guaranteed for all types of seawater.
Underwater filming : The phone passed the waterproof performance tests for IPX5/8 and Kyocera’s own durability testing assuming use in seawater. Do not use the phone under any condition that exceeds 15 kPa (maximum underwater depth of 1.5 m) for 30 min. However, this function cannot be guaranteed for all kinds of underwater photography. Hard-key operation only is available when filming with the underwater mode. Do not jump into the water with this product with you or otherwise do not give any shock to the product. Ensure that caps, etc. are securely fixed and attached before use. After usage, wash off with tap watter and dry thoroughly. For details, please check au’s website. The product’s features were confirmed based on the above test conditions; full operation cannot be guaranteed under actual conditions. Furthermore, there is no guarantee against damage and failure.

Displays shown in the images are examples and may differ from actual displays.
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