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KYOCERA to Exhibit Latest Metalworking Innovations at JIMTOF 2016 Tradeshow, Nov. 17-22

New products, including CA3 Series indexable cutting tool inserts for cast iron machining, will contribute to further advancing global manufacturing

November 17, 2016
The Kyocera Group will exhibit its latest products and technologies at JIMTOF 2016, the 28th Japan International Machine Tool Fair — one of the largest events of its kind in Asia, being held November 17-22 at the Tokyo Big Sight (Japan).

The Kyocera booth will introduce an extensive range of newly developed metalworking tools for various fields of industrial machining. These will include Kyocera’s new CA3 Series CVD coated carbide indexable cutting tool inserts for cast iron machining; the Magic Drill DRA, a high-performance modular drill; and the MFH Micro, a tiny-caliber high-feed cutting tool. Based on the concept of “Advancing Productivity,” Kyocera aims to help customers achieve significant productivity gains through high-performance, high-precision cutting tools, and thereby contribute to global manufacturing.

Kyocera Booth Outline

Exhibition JIMTOF 2016
Date November 17 (Thu.) - 22 (Tue.), 2016 (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight, Booth #W1030
Photo: JIMTOF 2016

Kyocera Booth Highlights

1. CA3 Series: New cutting tool materials for cast iron
The CA3 Series has achieved longer tool life and consistent processing of cast iron through a newly developed CVD coating with a pink-gold finish over a carbide base metal that improves the adhesion strength of the coating layers. Newly designed blade-edge shapes maximize performance even under high-load machining. Photo: Carbide inserts with new coatings and chipbreaker geometries (clockwise from top left: KQ, KG, KH)
Carbide inserts with new coatings and chipbreaker geometries
(clockwise from top left: KQ, KG, KH)

2. Magic Drill DRA: High-performance modular drill
The Magic Drill DRA is a highly efficient modular drill that combines superb drilling accuracy with excellent chip control. Its helix angle and flute design have been optimized to increase strength and prevent deflection. The excellent drilling accuracy is achieved by reducing the cutting force through a special S-shaped chisel edge that minimizes thrust and vibration during drilling. Bit replacement is quick and easy, as the screw attaching the bit to the holder merely needs to be loosened, not completely unscrewed, and then tightened after replacement. Moreover, long tool life and stable processing of various materials are possible thanks to Kyocera’s original MEGACOAT NANO coating technology.
Photo: Magic Drill DRA
Magic Drill DRA

High Efficiency Modular Drill, Magic Drill DRA

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