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KYOCERA’s Recrystallized Blue Sapphire Sparkles in New CASIO OCEANUS Watch Design

With less impurities compared with natural gemstones, the synthetic mineral features brilliant coloration and high transparency while enabling easy cutting

July 21, 2015
Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi) announced today that the company’s recrystallized blue sapphire gemstones are being used in the new Casio OCEANUS lineup of solar-powered, radio-controlled watches. Developed based on Kyocera’s unique crystal technology, the synthetic mineral realizes luminous elegance in the new watch design.

Photo: The new OCW-G1000E model (middle), Kyocera’s blue sapphire used on pipe at the center of the second hand (left) and crown (right)
The new OCW-G1000E model (middle), Kyocera’s blue sapphire used on pipe at the center of the second hand (left) and crown (right)

As the latest model of the OCEANUS lineup, the watch features Kyocera’s recrystallized blue sapphire on its crown and the pipe at the center of the second hand. Imagining a view from space, the deep blue radiance of the sapphire is reminiscent of the earth at night, highlighted by gold coating to express the brightness of the city. The blue sapphire adds elegance to its design and appropriately fits with Casio’s OCEANUS product concept.

In addition to the OCEANUS, Kyocera’s recrystallized ruby has been utilized for a limited-edition model of Casio’s G-SHOCK watch design, which expressed the strength and beauty of the watch. Kyocera also offers synthetic opal material featuring unique iridescence, which were also utilized in Casio’s watches including the G-SHOCK lineup and SHEEN lineup of women’s watches.

Launched last month as a limited edition, the new product is available worldwide (excluding some regions).

In addition to watches, Kyocera’s gemstones have been utilized in a wide range of applications including jewelry, eye glasses and brassiere ornaments.

About Recrystallized Gemstones

Kyocera marks the 40th anniversary since it realized the development of recrystallized gemstones in 1975. Kyocera’s recrystallized gemstones — including the representative emerald, ruby and sapphire — are born from the company’s crystal technology and possess the same composition and structure as naturally occurring gemstones. Recrystallized gemstones, which can be produced with fewer internal flaws and impurities than naturally occurring gemstones, feature several advantages including: Brilliant coloration, high transparency, durability for easy cutting, and a wide range of size and shape possibilities.