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KYOCERA Group to Exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2014 Tradeshow Oct. 7-11

From ruggedized smartphone demos to automotive technologies, the company’s wide range of products will be on display

October 1, 2014
The Kyocera Group will be exhibiting featured products and technologies at the CEATEC JAPAN 2014 tradeshow - one of Asia's largest showcases for pioneering IT and electronics - from October 7-11 at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex (Chiba pref., Japan).

Showcasing the Kyocera Group's technological and integrated capabilities in both lifestyle and business applications, the company's booth is arranged into theme displays including Automotive Technologies, ICT-Related Components, and Environment & Energy. A few of the highlights of the company's booth include an interactive car driver's seat/dashboard demo with a tactile feedback module-equipped steering wheel using Kyocera's piezo actuators and a high-brightness heads-up dashboard display, as well as a demo area and stage with torture tests of the company's military-spec ultra-ruggedized TORQUE G01 smartphone.

Image: Demo
Image: Driver's seat demo (image)
  Image: Demo
Image: Ultra-rugged TORQUE G01 smartphone demo
  Image: Display
Image: Floating solar power plants (image)
Driver's seat demo
  Ultra-rugged TORQUE G01
smartphone demo
  Floating solar power plants (image)
Visitors can try out the interactive display using the tactile feedback module on the steering wheel and heads-up display.   Visitors can demo this ruggedized smartphone and see tests of its water-resistant and shock-resistant properties at the stage area.   Technology for floating utility-scale solar power projects will be introduced through an actual module and base structure in a pool of water.

Outline & Highlights of Kyocera's Booth
Dates October 7 (Tue) - 11 (Sat), 2014 (10:00-17:00)
Location Makuhari Messe (Chiba Pref., Japan), Hall 5, Booth #5K94
Web site CEATEC JAPAN 2014

Automotive Technologies:
Featured: A variety of components and devices that contribute to higher intelligence and environmental efficiency in automobiles shown in a driver's seat/dashboard demo, as well as other displays.
Highlights: Tactile feedback module-equipped steering wheel using Kyocera's piezo actuators, high-brightness heads-up dashboard display, LCD-equipped rearview mirror, etc.

Telecommunications Equipment:
Featured: Kyocera's international line of ruggedized smartphones and technology for real-world usability will be on display with hands-on demos.
Highlights: Military-spec TORQUE G01 smartphone torture test demo stage, hands-on demos of the sapphire screen-equipped Brigadier, demos of proprietary Smart Sonic Receiver technology which transmits clear voice reception via vibrations on the display screen, etc.

Environment & Energy:
Featured: Special display of floating solar technology, high-quality solar modules and Li-ion storage batteries, proprietary Energy Management Systems (EMS).
Highlights: Solar Cycle Station for electric vehicles, SOFC cell stacks, HEMS, BEMS, and other environment related products.

ICT-Related Components:
Featured: Introductions of the ultra-miniature components and related technologies which enable wearable devices, as well as concept designs of future telecommunications equipment which incorporate those.
Highlights: Wide variety of components, devices and services for ICT, including M2M data service, etc.

Medical / Health Care:
Features: Introduction of technology which is widely expected to play a role in IT-related medical solutions services and food safety fields.
Highlights: Demo of phase contrast microscope which utilizes Kyocera's optical lens technology.