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KYOCERA Introduces the New DIGNO® R SoftBank 202K Smartphone in Japan

World’s lightest water-resistant smartphone at just 94 grams

May 7, 2013
(This product is only available to the Japanese market.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi) announced the release of the DIGNO R SoftBank 202K smartphone for the Japanese market. At just 94 grams, and with a compact size of 60 mm in width, the new handset is the lightest water-resistant smartphone in the world*1. The new model comes equipped with an easy-to-view 4.3-inch LCD screen, One-Seg television reception, Osaifu Keitai® electronic payment system, and water-resistant features. Available in four color variations, the new phone is part SoftBank Mobile Corp.’s new handset lineup.

Photo:Kyocera’s DIGNO® R (from left) in white, pink, turquoise green and black
Kyocera’s DIGNO® R (from left) in white, pink, turquoise green and black


DIGNO® R SoftBank 202K


To be determined by retailer


White, Pink, Turquoise Green, Black

Sales Company

SoftBank Mobile Corp. (Japan only)

The DIGNO R achieves the lightest weight in the world for a water-resistant smartphone at just 94 grams. Furthermore, with a compact size of 60 mm the handset can be used easily with just one hand, and the 4.3 inch HD LCD screen allows for clear viewing of text, images and videos ― creating a perfect balance between comfortable operability and visibility.

Moreover, the DIGNO R comes equipped with Kyocera’s proprietary Smart Sonic Receiver® technology, which enhances the audio quality of calls, and energy-conserving features that improve battery life by controlling energy consumption in certain scenarios.

Main Features

1. World’s lightest water-resistant smartphone, 4.3-inch screen, in a compact 60 mm width
By using high-strength, lightweight materials such as magnesium alloy, Kyocera was able to achieve the world’s lightest weight for a water-resistant smartphone while still meeting all the structural strength conditions demanded of smartphones. Furthermore, using proprietary design simulation technology, Kyocera was successful in optimizing the arrangement of the main substrate and minimizing the size of various electronic components contained within to be able to fit in a device with an easily viewable 4.3-inch screen in just a 60 mm width compact form ― allowing for one-handed operability in a non-bulky size that fits nicely in a pocket or bag. With a light weight of just 94 grams, even extended use won't tire your hands and arms, and won't feel heavy even if carried in a breast pocket.

2. Kyocera’s proprietary Smart Sonic Receiver technology provides clear sound
Building on Kyocera’s 54-year heritage in advanced ceramics, Smart Sonic Receiver utilizes a piezoelectric ceramic actuator to turn sounds into vibrations. The actuator is connected to the phone's display, thus turning a wide area of the display into the sound source. It uses twin paths to get sounds to the user, creating sound waves in the air like a traditional speaker, while also creating vibrations that are carried by body tissue. Placing the phone in contact with the general area of the ear creates clear sound even in very noisy environments like cafes, sporting events, concerts, work zones and more.

3. Power conservation features extend battery use time
The handset includes functions such as the E-saving Mode, which extends battery life by approximately 10 percent, and Manage App, which allows the user to view CPU usage by applications and close unnecessary applications with simple one-touch operations. Furthermore, the handset is equipped with Auto Data Control, a function that saves power by blocking background data connections for applications that have not been used for more than seven days. These energy-saving features enable efficient use of the handset over a long period of time.


Size (W×H×D)

Approx. 60×122×10.4mm




Approx. 4.3 inch HD (1280×720) TFT LCD


1,800 mAh


Qualcomm MSM8960 1.5GHz dual-core

Operating System

Android™ 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

Internal Memory


External Memory

microSD™ card reader / writer connection

Main Camera

Approx. 8.1-megapixel

Front-Facing Camera

Approx. 0.32-megapixel


IEEE802.11b/g/n/a (2.4GHz/5GHz)



Water Resistance


Dust Resistance


Other Features

Osaifu Keitai® (electronic payment), infrared, tethering, One-Seg TV (reception available with attached antenna)

*1 Lightest smartphone equipped with water-resistant features currently on the market. Based on research by NEO MARKETING INC.; as of April 1, 2013.
The information herein is accurate at the time of announcement, and may change without prior notice depending on changes to SoftBank Mobile systems.
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