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KYOCERA Develops New TCXO for Mobile Communications Handsets with Industry-Leading Low-Phase Noise and World’s Smallest Size

Contributing to realization of small mounting area and low noise in next-generation high-speed wireless communications

September 6, 2012
Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation (President: Shigeaki Kinori) — a crystal device development and manufacturing company — announced the successful development of its KT1612 temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), which achieves an industry-leading level of low-phase noise characteristics with the world's smallest size*1 (1.6mm x 1.2mm) for an electronic component mounted in mobile communications handsets including smart phones.

The new KT1612 will be available on a sample basis starting September 2012.

photo:Kyocera KT1612 TCXO
Kyocera KT1612 TCXO


Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) KT1612


Reference signal source for wireless communication devices such as cellular phone and GPS.


1.6 x 1.2mm (horizontal x vertical)
Height of product: Max. 0.7mm

Supply on a sample basis

Starting in September 2012


16.369MHz, 19.2MHz, 26MHz, 38.4MHz, 52MHz


1. The world's smallest TCXO
Kyocera has achieved the world's smallest product size of 1.6mm x 1.2mm, reducing surface area by 40% over conventional Kyocera products, due to the crystal element miniaturization technology accumulated over the years by Kyocera Crystal Device, a company with the number one market share of TCXOs used in mobile communication devices*2.

2. Industry-leading level of low-phase noise characteristics
Kyocera has decreased the low-phase noise by 7dBc (26MHz@1kHz offset) over conventional products, achieving an industry-leading level through Kyocera's unique circuit design. Since phase noise can cause transmission errors, especially in high-speed wireless communications, it is a vital characteristic for measures against noise. This product is expected to contribute to the application of simpler measures against noise in device design by significantly reducing phase noise.

Development background

In recent years, the number of components incorporated in mobile communications handsets such as smartphones has increased, and become increasingly sophisticated. As such handsets tend to have high-capacity batteries installed in order to extend usage time, there is a need to reduce the size and thickness of components to reduce their footprints on the substrate. Moreover, low-phase noise characteristics are required of TCXOs, as phase noise results in communication errors in next-generation communication standards, which are expected to spread rapidly around the world.

With the newly developed KT1612 TCXO, Kyocera Crystal Device will contribute to the realization of small mounting area components as well as achieving high-precision and high-quality high-speed wireless communications in the increasingly advanced wireless communication market of high-speed, large-volume data.


1. The world's smallest product size
Kyocera has developed the world's smallest, extremely compact TCXO while maintaining the high-precision temperature and hysteresis characteristics of Kyocera's conventional products. In addition, the IC with a micro wiring process adjusted to extremely compact crystal oscillators and the market-proven H structure have enabled an ultra-compact 1612 size (1.6mm x 1.2mm) and a maximum product height of 0.7mm.

2. Achieving the highest-level low-phase noise
With the implementation of an IC that uses Kyocera's unique noise-reduction circuit and micro wiring process, Kyocera has succeeded in reducing not only the size of the product but also significantly decreasing phase noise by 7dBc (26MHz@1kHz offset) compared to Kyocera's conventional products. This contributes to reducing design burden and ensuring high-quality data communication through measures against noise in high-speed, high-capacity wireless communications such as those using smart phones.

image: Achieving the highest-level low-phase noise

3. Achieving significantly low standby current consumption
This product incorporates a function enable/disable feature that turns the output on and off as an optional function. When set to disable, the current consumption is significantly low, at 1μA or lower, making it effective in increasing battery life and reducing environmental burdens.

4. Environmental performance
Lead-free and complies with RoHS directives and European REACH regulations.



1.6x1.2 mm (horizontal x vertical)
Height of the product: Max.0.7mm


16.369MHz, 19.2MHz, 26MHz, 38.4MHz, 52MHz

Operating temperature range

-30 to +85°C

Frequency temperature characteristics (-30 to +85°C)

+/-0.5ppm (Deviation for frequency at 25°C)

Frequency deviation vs Load


Frequency deviation vs Power-supply voltage


Operating power-supply voltage

1.68V to 3.45V

Output voltage

0.8Vp-p min (Load10kΩ/10pF)

Current consumption (26MHz)

1.5mA max

*1 and *2: As of August 28, 2012. Based on research by Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation.