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KYOCERA Synthetic Opal Used for Emblem Design of New MITSUOKA Automobiles

Opal material’s brilliant luminance adds further refinement to Mistuoka’s classically designed automobiles

March 8, 2012
KYOCERA Corporation
Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.
Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) today announced that the company's uniquely developed decorative material — called “Kyoto Opal” in the Japanese market — has been utilized for the emblem design of two new Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd. (President: Akio Mitsuoka; herein “Mitsuoka”) automobiles. The custom models, “Galue Classic jewel” and “Viewt jewel,” go on sale March 9 (for the Japanese market only), and are the first Mitsuoka automobiles using jewels in the design to be sold.

Photo: Close up of Kyocera’s Kyoto Opal material used in the emblem design of Mitsuoka’s new Galue Classic jewel automobile
Close up of Kyocera's Kyoto Opal material used in the emblem design of Mitsuoka's new Galue Classic jewel automobile

The new custom model automobiles from the popular Galue Classic and Viewt series utilize Kyocera's Kyoto Opal in the design of the emblems which stylistically represent the brands. The brilliant luminance of the gemstone material adds to the mystical and refined feel of the automobiles.

Mitsuoka aims to convey the joy of driving an original car to as many people as possible. Every step in their production line is painstakingly performed by the hands of their craftsmen who devote themselves to building each vehicle one by one.
Photo: Kyocera’s uniquely developed Kyoto Opal material
Kyocera's uniquely developed Kyoto Opal material

After investigating a number of different materials for this design, Mitsuoka chose Kyocera's Kyoto Opal for its ability to realize a variety of rich and subtle hues and tints similar to naturally occurring opal, and its ability to be cut into diverse shapes.

Galue Classic jewel
Photo: Mitsuoka’s Galue Classic jewel Photo: front grill emblem which uses Kyocera’s Kyoto Opal
Mitsuoka's Galue Classic jewel (left) and front grill emblem which uses Kyocera's Kyoto Opal (right)

The Galue Classic jewel will have a limited production of only 20 vehicles. The pearlesque jet-black color of the outer body and the luxurious dark-red genuine leather seats aptly express the refined characteristics and comfortable atmosphere of the Galue Classic series. Moreover, three emblems (front grill, left & right front fenders) using the Kyoto Opal material add to the classic design of the automobile. Photo: Front fender emblem
Front fender emblem

Viewt jewel (certified pre-owned vehicles)
Photo: Mitsuoka’s Viewt jewel Photo: front grill emblem which uses Kyocera’s Kyoto Opal
Mitsuoka's Viewt jewel (left) and front grill emblem which uses Kyocera's Kyoto Opal (right)

The Viewt jewel custom model possesses a classic and much-loved design with an added sense of refinement. Based on the concepts of “Jewel,” “Genuine” and “High Sense,” this custom model aims to move the hearts of customers with meticulously chosen materials that give the automobile a unique character. The Viewt jewel comes in the series' most popular colors: Creamy White, Black Metallic, and Framboise Red (2P*1). Photo: Trunk hood emblem
Trunk hood emblem

Kyoto Opal is used in the design of four emblems attached on the vehicle (front grill, left & right rear doors, trunk hood). Moreover, genuine calfskin Caledonian leather® is used for the seating to give the automobile a highly refined feel.

*1 2P: Abbreviation for 2-coat pearl
“Viewt” is a registered trademark of Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.
“Caledonian leather” is registered trademark of Scottish leather maker Bridge of Weir.