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KYOCERA Introduces E10K Mobile Phone for Corporate Use

Supporting security and safety in business with enhanced security functions and waterproof properties

September 26, 2011

(This product is only available to the Japanese market.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) announced today the launch of the E10K mobile phone for corporate use as a new product for the au network. The new handset incorporates security functions required for use in business and useful functions that help facilitate business activities. This model is part of KDDI Corporation’ new handset lineup.

Photo: E10K
Model E10K
Price To be determined by retailer
Color Black
Sales Companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company (Japan only)

The E10K is a new mobile phone with various security functions which are particularly required for mobile phones used in business, incorporating functions such as “close and lock” to automatically lock the phone when it is closed and a “Remote lock function” to remotely activate the automatic lock as standard features.

Furthermore, it is possible to remotely operate the phone*1 from a registered administrator computer, allowing the administrator to activate the lock and “memory deletion” to delete various data such as the address book and sent/received e-mails in order to decrease the risk of information leaks as well as to support “security and safety.” With an efficient and stylish design appropriate for business, the display utilizes an easy to view 3.0-inch QVGA LCD; and waterproof*2 properties allow safe use without concern even when slightly wet.

In regards to functionality, various functions are included, such as “privacy setting” to hide e-mail notifications and received e-mail history to prevent the leakage of important information, “Sugu Moji (Instant Text),” an original Kyocera function which uses characters entered in the stand-by screen to compose e-mail, and “Peta Memo” to paste shortcuts to various functions on the stand-by screen. Also, considerations have been taken to increase usability in business, with support for features such as “long life mode” to reduce the power consumption of individual functions to make the battery last longer.

Dimensions W×H×D 50×107×17.4mm
Weight Approx. 124g
Talk Time / Stand-by Time Approx. 260 minutes / Approx. 350 hours
Display Approx. 3.0 inch (IPSLCD Wide QVGA)
Camera 3.31 megapixel CMOS with auto-focus
Internal memory Approx. 100MB
External memory microSDHCTM (16GB)

*1 To use this service, separate enrollment with KDDI in the “Business Convenient Pack” (fees apply) or “GPS MAP” (fees apply) is required.
*2 Waterproof properties equivalent to IPX5 and IPX7.

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