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FANCL Corp. Installs KYOCERA Solar Modules on its “Eco Factory”

371-kW of company's new award-winning modules used for the first time

April 15, 2011
Kyocera Corporation (herein "Kyocera") and FANCL Corporation (herein "FANCL") — a leading preservative-free skincare solutions and supplement provider — announced that 371-kilowatts (kW) of Kyocera solar modules have been installed and are now operating atop the FANCL Group's cosmetics manufacturing facility in Hino, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The installation becomes the largest solar power generating system in the western prefecture.

Photo: FANCL manufacturing facility with 371-kW of Kyocera solar modules
FANCL manufacturing facility with 371-kW of Kyocera solar modules

1,560 of Kyocera's new high efficiency modules — the 2010 recipient of the Minister of the Environment Award for the Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming (Japan)(technology development / product category) — were used for the first time in Japan on this installation. The installation is expected to generate 352,765kWh per year, supplying roughly 13% of the facilities electricity use, and off-setting roughly 129 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

In recent years FANCL has been striving for a zero-emissions eco-friendly manufacturing facility through the implementation of various activities, but now with the installation of a solar power generating system and a switchover to liquid natural gas use, the company is truly moving towards the realization of an environmentally conscious factory. Furthermore, so that employees and visitors can also take an interest in the environment, a row of modules visible from the main entrance have been set up, as well as a monitor that shows the system's total output performance in real-time.

Based in Yokohama, Japan, FANCL Corporation was founded in 1981 by Kenji Ikemori, a Japanese entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to developing effective skincare solutions. Mr. Ikemori envisioned a holistic approach to skincare that would include botanically-based, preservative-free products as well as oral supplements. Since 2008, when the company laid out its 'FANCL Eco Plan,' the entire FANCL Group has been actively implementing various activities to conserve the environment, and is committed to continually strive to reduce its energy consumption.