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Eco-Products 2010 Exhibition:

KYOCERA Group to Display Green Products & Environmental Activities

December 7, 2010
The Kyocera Group invites you to visit its booth at Eco-Products 2010 — one of Japan’s largest environmental trade fairs — which will take place from December 9 through 11 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center.

Kyocera will be featuring its wide range of green products and environmental preservation activities including the popular “Solar Cycle Station” electric bicycle recharging system, solar panels used for recreational boats, as well as the its environmentally friendly technology used in document imaging equipment.

Exhibition Outline


Dec 9 (Thu) – 11 (Sat) 2010, 10:00 – 18:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)


Tokyo International Exhibition Center TOKYO BIG SIGHTExternal Link
(East Hall; Booth 4-006)

Web site External Link

Booth Highlights

1. Solar Energy Corner
On display for the first time will be Kyocera’s new solar module for large-scale installations which boasts one of the highest power output levels for modules in Japan, as well as the company’s wide range of modules for residential use. The new “Solar Cycle Station” for recharging electric bicycles will also be shown for the first time, along with an explanation of the company’s solar technology, and product quality & reliability which have been developed with over 3 decades of experience in the industry.

Photo: High output multicrystalline solar module
High output multicrystalline solar module
2010 recipient of the Minister of the Environment Award for
the Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming (Japan)

Photo: Kyocera’s “Solar Cycle Station” at a municipal building (Shiga, Japan)
Solar Cycle Station

2. Document Imaging Equipment Corner
Developed with the concept of environmental consideration, Kyocera Mita's newest document imaging equipment will be on display. Along with energy conservation features, the equipment utilizes a "Bio Color Toner" which is made from plant derivatives that helps reduce disposable materials and thus cuts CO2 emissions by 30%. photo: Environmentally friendly MFPs
friendly MFPs

3. CSR & Environmental Activities Corner
Kyocera will also be introducing the Group’s local environmental activities which include “Green Curtains” — the practice of growing plants over walls and windows to reduce heat radiation and thus decrease energy use in summer months — and “Eco-Lessons” which are provided to elementary school children by Kyocera employees at local schools across Japan and in China.