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KYOCERA Implements Industry-First “Customer Satisfaction Program” for Residential-Use Solar Power Generating Systems

Providing high-quality service at all Kyocera Solar Franchise stores in Japan

June 29, 2010
Kyocera Corporation's wholly-owned subsidiary in charge of domestic sales of solar power generating systems, Kyocera Solar Corporation (President: Yukihiro Takarabe; herein "KSC"), announced that in order to ensure a high level of quality service to meet the various needs of all its customers, it will implement a unique Customer Satisfaction Program at all 110* of its regional Kyocera Solar Franchise stores** — with full implementation starting at the beginning of July 2010.

With the implementation of the Customer Satisfaction Program, Kyocera will be able to ensure a high standard of service quality for the adoption of residential solar power generating systems, covering every stage of installation from the signing of contracts to after-service.

With the rapid increase in the number of installations of residential solar power generating systems in Japan in recent years, the implementation of the Program was developed in response to the increasing amount of customers wanting timely and accurate service.

Characteristics of the Customer Satisfaction Program

The Program breaks down the progression of customer service into 21 categories — including contractual matters, construction, follow-up service and other stages of installation — to systematically oversee the process of adopting solar energy from start to finish. By implementing the Program, the company's sales stores can realize straightforward, timely and accurate customer service.

KSC continually strives to enhance the quality of its service in the 4 main areas of products, sales, construction and after-service, aiming for an even higher level of customer satisfaction.
Photo: Kyocera’s Customer Satisfaction Program management system
Kyocera's Customer Satisfaction Program management system


In fiscal year 2010, the residential-use solar energy market in Japan experienced rapid growth, with shipments expanding nearly 2.7 times*** over the previous year (power output base), as a result of the introduction of subsidies for residential solar power generating systems and a feed-in-tariff system to purchase excess power. Moreover, the market is expected to continue to grow vigorously in this fiscal year. Accordingly, the importance of providing quality sales and construction services is now been focused on; with the industry enhancing sales capacity by increasing the number of stores conducting sales of solar products, and efforts are currently being made to meet the urgent need to train more certified solar power installation technicians.

Furthermore, according to a questionnaire given to customers who have purchased Kyocera solar power generating systems, a large percentage of respondents stated that they expect a high level of quality service for a product that they plan to utilize for many years to come.

While Kyocera is expanding its unique solar franchise sales network across Japan, it firmly believes in the importance of providing high-quality service across the board, and has implemented the Customer Satisfaction Program to ensure that customers who purchase Kyocera solar products all receive the same high level of service.

* As of June 29, 2010
** Franchise chain stores mainly involved in the sales, construction and after-service of residential solar power generating systems.
*** Source: Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA)