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KYOCERA Starts Construction Training Program for Residential-Use Solar Power Generating Systems in Western Japan

Training specialized Kyocera Solar Engineers to ensure high-quality installations

May 13, 2010
Kyocera Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary Kyocera Solar Corporation (President: Yukihiro Takarabe; herein "KSC") announced that in response to increasing market demand in the domestic residential solar energy market it has started training "Kyocera Solar Engineers" in western Japan in order to develop highly skilled construction technicians who are able to perform Kyocera residential-use solar power generating system installations to a very high standard. The training will now be conducted at two bases including the existing Sakura Solar Center in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture.

The western Japan training will be held 2-3 times per month at the AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama (Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture) research and training facilities, which are owned by AEON DELIGHT Co., Ltd. — part of the AEON Group with whom a business partnership was started in May 2009.

Approximately 350 Kyocera Solar Engineers have already been trained to date, with plans for approximately 1,000 engineers to be trained by the end of the fiscal year.

Photo: Construction training at the Sakura Solar Center
Construction training at the Sakura Solar Center
Photo: On-site construction
On-site construction

About Kyocera Solar Engineers

Since 1997, KSC has been implementing training courses for design, construction and management of residential-use solar power generating system for construction professionals. However, from January 2008 the Kyocera Solar Engineer Certification System was introduced to train Construction Specialists in specialized technologies, skills, and knowledge related to the installation of residential-use solar power generating systems. Authorized Kyocera Solar Engineers are specialists who have completed the unique KSC Basic Seminar followed by the 3-day Specialized Skills Seminar, passed a written examination, and have practical experience installing at least 3 systems on-site within one-year of completing the training, and who are then able to manage and supervise on-site construction.


In 2009, the total domestic shipment output of residential-use solar power generating systems increased 2.3 times* over the previous year due to factors such as the introduction of government subsidies and a doubling in the purchase price of surplus power (feed-in-tariff). In light of these circumstances, there has been a rapid increase in the number of customers requesting installation of residential-use solar power generating systems.

The basic priority of construction is to ensure a level of quality in which customers can use their system safely and securely. For that purpose, it is important to provide a higher level of complete quality, which serves not only to achieve the best possible system efficiency, but also to enable use of the system for a long period of time.

Kyocera has continued to implement its original training system to train construction engineers in the importance of construction quality. However, in response to current market needs and numerous requests from construction companies and other related contractors for the opportunity to receive training in solar power generating system construction, Kyocera has increased the number of training sessions, and also established training in western Japan.



AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama
Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture


2-3 trainings per month (3 days for each session)


20 people per session


Fee based


·Classroom-based fundamental knowledge
· Installation practical course
· Kyocera solar power generating system rooftop installation practical course
·  Electrical wiring practical course
·Written Examination
Photo: AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama outside view
AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama outside view

About AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama

AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama is a research and training facility that was established in February of this year by AEON DELIGHT Co., Ltd in the Nagahama Science Park (Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture) with the aim of training personnel to realize industrialization of the maintenance industry. The facility is equipped with areas such as a solar training building where solar panel installation training can be undertaken at the same height as on-site construction, and a supermarket zone designed as a grocery sales floor used for comprehensive staff training. Additionally, a wide range of service research and development programs are undertaken through cooperation with universities and academia.

Furthermore, in order to create deeper ties with the local area, the Academy plans to invite children from local elementary and middle schools for practical experience learning, and is equipped with a wide range of environmentally-friendly equipment such as a solar power generating system and LED lighting.

*Source: Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA)