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KYOCERA Expands Residential-Use Solar Energy Sales Network with New "Kyocera Solar Square" Stores

Domestic sales stores in collaboration with AEON shopping centers

April 28, 2010

Kyocera Corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary in charge of domestic sales of solar power generating systems, Kyocera Solar Corporation (President: Yukihiro Takarabe; herein “KSC”), today announced that it has further strengthened its domestic sales network to meet the expanding demand for solar energy products in Japan with the addition of “Kyocera Solar Square” sales stores to be opened in AEON shopping centers.

As part of the business collaboration announced with AEON Co., Ltd. in May of last year, the Kyocera Solar Square stores will be developed for sales of residential use solar power generating systems at AEON shopping centers across Japan.

The first of such representational sales stores will be launched and operated by the large solar power system sales and installation company, ECOSYSTEM JAPAN (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo), in the new AEON Tsushiroyama shopping center (Mie Prefecture) recently opened on May 1, 2010.

“Kyocera Solar Square” logo
“Kyocera Solar Square” logo

Image of a Solar Square store
Image of a
Solar Square store

Expanding Sales Network

Presently, the solar energy market in Japan is experiencing rapid growth with the introduction of subsidies for residential solar systems and a feed-in-tariff system to purchase excess power. To meet increasing demand, the Kyocera Group has been continually strengthening its sales network.

In Japan, the Kyocera Group has been expanding its sales network for solar power generating systems with the more than 100 Kyocera Solar FC sales stores* — a unique franchise system in the industry — as well as through house builders, and by aggressively establishing direct sales stores at AEON shopping centers.

With the development of the Kyocera Solar Square stores, Kyocera can further strengthen its existing sales system with the opening of locations in AEON shopping centers to allow the large number of AEON customers to experience solar energy in an accessible way.

Kyocera will continue to contribute to the preservation of the environment by developing products that meet customers’ needs, and expanding its sales network for the further diffusion of solar energy.

*104 stores as of April 28, 2010