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KYOCERA Opens 100th Solar Franchise Sales Location in Japan

Promoting expanded use of solar energy through unique regional sales network

April 16, 2010

Kyocera Corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary in charge of domestic sales of solar power generating systems, Kyocera Solar Corporation (President: Yukihiro Takarabe; herein “KSC”), today announced that it has been expanding its unique regional franchise store sales network and has just reached the milestone 100th location with the opening of the new Kyocera Solar FC Kawasaki store (Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) on April 16.

In Japan, national and local government measures to provide incentives for families to adopt solar power generating systems have rapidly spurred demand for residential solar power installations. To meet increasing demand KSC has been continually expanding its Kyocera Solar FC sales network, and opened roughly 30 new stores in the last fiscal year alone. Continuing to increase its regional presence, Kyocera plans to further widen the network across Japan to 150 stores by the end of March 2011.

photo: Inside of a Kyocera Solar FC store
Inside of a Kyocera Solar FC store
photo: Entrance of the Kyocera Solar FC Kawasaki store
Entrance of the Kyocera Solar FC Kawasaki store

Kyocera Solar FC Sales Stores

Kyocera Solar FC stores are franchise affiliates mainly involved in the sales, installation and after-service of residential solar power generating equipment. KSC opened its first location in July of 1999, and since then has grown the sales network with locations in 41 of the 47 prefectures in Japan.

With its symbolic green and yellow signs, the community-based Kyocera Solar FC stores offer total support to customers. With the goal of thorough customer satisfaction, KSC undertakes expertise training in sales and installation.

Domestic Solar Energy Market Background

Presently, the solar energy market in Japan is experiencing rapid growth with the introduction of subsidies for residential solar systems and a feed-in-tariff system to purchase excess power. Last year the total number of applications for residential solar subsidies in Japan exceeded 140,000. Furthermore, the market is expected to continue to grow with the national budget allocating 40.1 billion yen (approximately USD431 million) for similar subsidies in fiscal year 2011 — twice as much as in the previous year.

Along with the growth of the market there has been rising awareness for solar energy, with more and more people inquiring about where they can receive consultations about purchasing, installations and after-service. Kyocera plans to contribute to the growth of the solar market by expanding its community-based sales network which focuses on the thorough approach of providing high-preformance products, sales, installations and after-service to ensure quality.

Kyocera Solar FC Sales Network in Japan

image: Kyocera Solar FC Sales Network in Japan


No. of stores*







Chubu / Hokuriku




Chugoku / Shikoku


Kyushu / Okinawa



Total: 100

(*As of April 16, 2010)