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KYOCERA Releases the World's Thinnest One-Seg Sliding-Face Mobile Phone, SA001

October 19, 2009
(This product is only available to the Japanese market.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) today announced the release of the SA001, the world's thinnest* handset, at 11.9mm, for sliding-face mobile phones that are compatible with One-Seg capabilities for the Japanese domestic "au" carrier.
* For sliding-face handsets compatible with One-Seg (audio / visual data broadcasting). Current as of August 31, 2009. Based on research by Mediainteractive, Inc.

The design of the SA001 utilizes the company's technology for reducing the profile size of handsets as seen in previous Kyocera models such as the W44K and K002, combined with the popular success of the previous W61SA sliding-face handset for the au carrier.

The body of the handset employs a hybrid construction of stainless steel and magnesium materials to realize a thin profile while ensuring durability. The handset is designed to enhance the ease of use with smooth movement in the sliding-face, and an easy-to-grip shape. The jog key, in the most frequently used arrow key section, uses smart operability to reduce the amount of finger movements the user must complete. The strengthened glass of the main display is scratch-resistant and treated with Clean-Clear-Coat making it easy to wipe off oily marks. The SA001 is also equipped with features that incorporate the ease of the sliding face to initiate actions including Open Shuffle®, open for call/close to end call, and mail reply.

The handset is designed for people in their late-teens and twenties, and comes in 4 color variations including; Innocent Blue, Bohemian Pink, Silence Black and Peace White.

The SA001 is part of KDDI Corporation's new handset lineup, launched on October 19.

Photo: Kyocera SA001 (left to right: Innocent Blue, Bohemian Pink, Silence Black and Peace White)
Kyocera SA001 (left to right: Innocent Blue, Bohemian Pink, Silence Black and Peace White)

Model number



To be determined by retailer


Innocent Blue, Bohemian Pink, Silence Black, Peace White

Sales companies

KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company (Japan only)

Main Features

1.) The world's thinnest One-Seg sliding-face mobile phone

The SA001 integrates strengths of both Kyocera's thin profile technology and sliding-face model development technology to achieve the world's thinnest profile for a One-Seg sliding-face type handset. By utilizing a hybrid construction for the handset body, the SA001 realizes a thin profile while also maintaining a strong structure.

2.) Combining design and operability

Maximizing operability
The design shape of the handset, including the multifunction keys, creates smooth operability when using the sliding panel, and realizes an easy-to-grip form. The jog key helps to cut down on finger movements to assist in smart operability, while the main display is made of a tough glass that is scratch-resistant so that the user does not have to worry when putting the phone in a bag or purse with other loose items. The display is also treated with the Clean-Clear-Coat that makes wiping off finger prints and oily marks simple. Furthermore, the LCD utilizes a panel which controls light reflection so that the screen is clearly visible even in bright surroundings.

Image: Jog key, The shape of the multifunctional buttons provide good traction

Color Variation
The SA001 is available in 4 color variations which each express a unique character. A transparent pale blue creates a sophisticated contrast to the pearl white coloring of the Innocent Blue; liberating and vibrant pink and purple make up the color gradation of the Bohemian Pink; a polished glossy black and a textured matte black contrast brilliantly in the Silence Black; a comfortable warm white stands out next to a classy subdued metallic feel in the Peace White.

3.) Easy-to-use sliding movement and convenient functions

Easy-to-use functions with convenient sliding shape

Open Shuffle® (New feature)

The wallpaper randomly shuffles each time the phone is slid open.

Open for call/close to end call

Simply slide the phone open to answer an incoming call, and slide closed to end the call.

Mail reply function

When a mail is being viewed while the face is closed, simply slide open the face to automatically set up the reply mail function.

Incoming caller info display

Maintain privacy by setting the phone to not display incoming caller information on the screen. However, by pressing one button you can see the caller info momentarily even in this mode.

Photo: Simply open the phone to answer incoming calls Photo: Simply slide closed to end call
Simply open the phone to answer incoming calls   Simply slide closed to end call

Convenient features

Blind Screen®

By holding down the TV key (more than 1 sec.) the phone will make private information displayed on the phone difficult to see.

Business card reader

Built-in camera can easily read and store contact information to your address book.

PC document viewer

PC documents including Excel, Word, PowerPoint® and PDF files are viewable.**

Global passport CDMA compatibility

Make and receive phone calls with your regular number outside of Japan, and even use mail and EZweb in certain regions.***

Additional functions include "Deka Moji" (big characters), Speak Slowly and Clear Voice as well as other security features. Furthermore, the SA001 is compatible with Osaifu Keitai®, LISMO and Wireless Music.

** Compatible with Microsoft® Office 2007 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint®), but is not compatible with XML.
*** See the au web site for details of regional overseas email, EZweb, and call and packet pricing. Incoming messages will be charged as well. See au web site for pricing. Email and EZweb services require separate enrollment.

Technical Specifications

Size (W×H×D)

Approx. 52×113×11.9mm (thickest point approx. 14.7mm)

Weight (battery included)

Approx. 119g


3.1 inch VGAIPS screen


3.21 megapixel CMOS camera with auto-focus and anti-blur

Data folder

Approx. 250 MB (or 2,000 items)

External memory

microSD™ / microSDHC™ memory card, up to 16GB (sold separately)

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Please contact KDDI Corporation for inquiries related to au service, pricing and sales. TEL: 0077-7-111 (toll-free within Japan)