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KYOCERA Releases New "Simple Mobile Phone" with Crisp Design

Latest K004 model highly viewable, audible, easy to operate

October 19, 2009
(This product is only available to the Japanese market.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) today announced the release of the K004 Simple Mobile Phone, a new KYOCERA-branded mobile phone for the Japanese domestic “au” carrier.

The K004 is the latest edition to Kyocera’s line of Simple Mobile Phones suited for people who are either new to mobile phone use or have difficulty operating phones with complex functions and interfaces. While further enhancing the visual aspects, audibility, key design and layout, and overall usability, the handset has also been redesigned, realizing a simple yet crisp style.

Shoot-and-send mail allows the user to easily send photos and videos taken with the handset to people in their contact list all with one touch of the key pad. Also, even when set to Simple Mode the user can take advantage of Kyocera’s proprietary “Sugu Moji” (easy character typing) feature for even further enhanced usability.

The phone is equipped with various features which increase the visual and audible aspects of the phone including; a large 2.8inch LCD, the Simple Mobile Phone lineup’s 10 popular “Deka” (big) features and functions, Noise Cancellation and Speak Slowly. The call and end-call keys are distinguished by different colors, for improved visibility, and a dedicated power on/off sliding switch in place of a power on/off key means that the phone can be used with ease by those who find it difficult to switch the power on or off with long key presses. Furthermore, the K004 includes functions such as a light-assisted operation navigator, voice recognition, pedometer, EZ News Flash, and a 1.97 megapixel auto-focus camera.

The K004, which is available in silver, black, red and pink, is part of KDDI Corporation's new handset lineup, launched on October 19.

Photo: Kyocera K004 Simple Mobile Phone (left to right: silver, black, red and pink)
Kyocera K004 Simple Mobile Phone (left to right: silver, black, red and pink)

Model number

K004 Simple Mobile Phone


To be determined by retailer


Silver, black, red, pink

Sales companies

KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company
(Japan only)

Main Features

1. Enhanced usability and design

The comfortable round shape of the new design fits nicely in the hand making it easy to carry. Metal trimming on the front of the handset also expresses a crisp and refined design.

1.) Large displays with higher visibility
The main display incorporates a 2.8 inch LCD which senses the light of its surroundings and automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen so that the screen is easy to read even in bright situations. Also, there is a 1.4 inch sub-display on the face of the handset.

Photo: Comfortable round shape fits nicely in the hand
Comfortable round shape fits nicely in the hand

2.) Call features for improved audibility
The K004 is equipped with the Speak Slowly function which slows down the speed of the other caller’s voice, and the Noise Cancellation function which makes the users voice come through clear even in noisy surroundings. Moreover, the Clear Voice function makes it easier to hear difficult-to-hear high-pitched voices, making it easier to catch what young children are saying over the phone.

3.) Key design for increased usability
The key design is arranged so that each function has a separate button, making it easy to see and less likely to make mistakes. The arrow keys, which are used most often in operations, are distinguished not only by a different feel but also by a different color, helping to prevent erroneous operations. Another enhancement is the clearly marked colors of the “call” and “end-call” keys, and a dedicated power on/off sliding switch. This means that the phone can be used with ease by those who find it difficult to switch the power on or off with long key presses.

4.) Functions for improved usability
The shoot-and-send function allows the user to send photos and videos to friends in their contact list with a one-touch button, and the photo gallery feature makes browsing through saved photos easy and fun. The K004 was designed with a wide range of innovations including a light-assisted operation navigator, which directs users to the next operational key with key illumination guidance, and a diverse range of convenient “Deka” (big) features. Also, the location of the camera on the top-front of the handset makes it less likely that the user’s fingers can cause interference.

Photo: K004 key design
K004 key design

2. Features that allow you to enjoy monitoring your health

The K004 is also equipped with a Flash® feature which allows the user to enjoy physical activities by incorporating a pedometer. As well as keeping track of how many steps users have taken, this function helps to make taking care of one's health fun by displaying illustrations of foods that correspond to the number of calories burned and displaying the user's hypothetical progress along the famous Fifty-Three Stages of the Tokaido walking route based on the distance they have walked. A new feature also continuously records one’s steps to correspond to climbs of Japan’s most famous mountains, making it exciting to continue to use the pedometer to scale the next virtual mountain.

Image: Japan’s famous mountains virtual climbing feature
Japan's famous mountains virtual climbing feature

Technical Specifications (provisional)

Size (H×W×H)

Approx. 50×106×18.9mm (provisional)

Weight (battery included)

Approx. 122g (provisional)

Main display

2.8 inch 260,000 color mobile TFT display 240 × 400 pixel wide QVGA

Sub display

1.4 inch monochrome 96 × 96 pixel


1.97 megapixel with auto-focus

Data folder

Approx. 100 MB (or 1,000 items)

External memory

microSD™ / microSDHC™ memory card, up to 16 GB (sold separately)

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Please contact KDDI Corporation for inquiries related to au service, pricing and sales. TEL: 0077-7-111 (toll-free within Japan)