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KYOCERA Introduces “mamorino” Safe Children's Mobile Phone

Child-sized, replete with location tracking and security features

October 19, 2009
(This product is only available to the Japanese market.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) announced today the launch of the “mamorino” safe children's mobile phone for the “au” carrier. The new handset allows parents to limit outgoing calls and texts to certain contacts, and the handset is equipped with location tracking and emergency alert features.

The mamorino is a mobile phone for young children which is equipped with GPS tracking and a feature that only allows the phone to place outgoing calls and texts to 4*1 pre-programmed contacts. The handset has a simple design — unlike typical mobile phones the mamorino does not have a full number keypad — with an LCD screen, 3 one-touch keys, a call-end key, front jog wheel and an action key.

As the safe mobile phone is intended for use by children under the age of 10, the phone is equipped with a location tracking feature*2 which allows parents to check the child's location at any time, and a location alert feature*2, that allows the child to easily inform their parent of their own location. Furthermore, the handset is equipped with an emergency alert that projects a loud alarm for the child's safety and the parent's piece-of-mind. Also, in the event of an emergency or trouble, a special service allows the emergency alarm to automatically notify Secom Co, Ltd (home and business security services) emergency response personnel*3.

The handset is available in two vibrant colors; an eye-catching yellow, and blue which is popular with young children, either of which are great for both boys and girls.

The mamorino is part of KDDI Corporation's new lineup announced on October 19.

Photo: Kyocera ‘mamorino’ mobile phone (left to right: yellow, blue)
Kyocera 'mamorino' mobile phone
(left to right: yellow, blue)

Model number



Yellow, blue

Sales companies

KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company
(Japan only)

Size (W×H×D)

Approx. 46×86×18mm

(battery included)

Currently undecided

Main display

Approx. 2.0 inch QVGA

Main Features

1.) Features for children's safety and parents' peace-of-mind
The mamorino is equipped with features that provide safety for children who use mobile phones, and peace-of-mind to the parents who allow their children to have them.

Location tracking*2

Automatic updates of a child's location are sent to the mobile phone or computer of a preprogrammed contact. The child's movement is updated in one-minute intervals, allowing parents to be aware of the actual location of their children at all times.

Location alert*2

The child can immediately alert parents to their present location with one touch simply by holding down the location alert key.

Secom security alert*3

In the event of an emergency, simply pulling the strap on the emergency alarm will both sound a loud alarm and relay an automatic alert to the Secom emergency response center which will dispatch security staff to the child's location.

A location alert key and emergency light key are located on the lateral side of the handset. A battery case lock also prevents any third person from deliberately disabling the battery of the phone. Furthermore, the phone is water-resistant*4 for worry-free use.

Image: Main Features

2.) Size and design for children
The mamorino is designed specifically for young children with a width of roughly 46mm to be compact for easy portability. The operational face is a simple design containing a 2.0inch LCD screen, 3 one-touch keys, a call key, front jog wheel and action key.

*1 Up to 3 contacts can be programmed to one-touch keys
*2 A ¥310 application fee is required by EZweb for this service
*3 A separate contract is required with Secom Co., Ltd. for this service
*4 Water-resistant characteristic rated at IPX5 and IPX7 (former Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) Protection Code). Water-resistant characteristic details are explained below.

IPX5: The handset retains the functions of a telephone even after being exposed to water projected at the rate of approximately 12.5 liters per minute for at least three minutes from all directions using nozzles with a 6.3mm bore from a distance of approximately 3 meters.
  IPX7: The handset retains the functions of a telephone without water entering the main body after being submerged slowly to a depth of 1 meter, containing fresh water and tap water, respectively, and being left submerged for approximately 30 minutes. The unit must have the caps firmly closed and the lid of the battery container securely fastened. Do not soak the handset in water other than tap water at normal temperature.

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