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AEON and KYOCERA Announce Business Collaboration

May 11, 2009
AEON Co., Ltd.
KYOCERA Corporation
AEON Co., Ltd. (President: Motoya Okada; herein AEON) and KYOCERA Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba; herein Kyocera) announced today that the two companies have agreed to a collaborative project aiming for mutual business growth based on contributing to the protection of the global environment — starting with the reduction of CO2 emissions — and by enhancing the provision of the two companies' products and services.

The collaborative project will allow both companies to undertake sales activities of Kyocera solar power generating systems at AEON shopping centers throughout Japan, and to provide promotional materials to AEON Card members to deliver the message of a new lifestyle of caring for the environment through the use of solar power. The new sales approach will supplement Kyocera's conventional practice of home consultation visits to develop sales of solar power generating systems.

Kyocera, which started its solar power business in 1975, became the first company in the industry to begin selling residential use solar power generating systems in 1993. Presently, in an effort to dramatically increase the use of solar energy in Japan, the national government and regional authorities have begun providing subsidies for the installation of residential use solar power generating systems.

By concentrating on the supply and promotion of solar power generating systems for use in residential homes and AEON Group company facilities, the two companies will combine and optimize their business strengths to undertake the following plans.

1. Kyocera Solar Sales Showrooms to Open in AEON Shopping Centers

Kyocera Solar and Kyocera Solar franchise sales showrooms will set up branches within AEON shopping centers to promote the sales of residential use solar power generating systems.

The first of such sales showrooms will open at AEON Laketown (Saitama Prefecture), one of the largest shopping centers in Japan, and AEON Mall Hinode (Tokyo) — both of which already have Kyocera solar power generating systems installed — starting in the fall of this year. There are also plans for showrooms to open in AEON shopping centers in western Japan in the spring of next year. Future expansion of sales branches in other AEON shopping centers will continue with the success of these initial developments.

Photo: AEON Laketown
AEON Laketown
Image: Image of a Kyocera Solar Sales Showroom
Image of a Kyocera Solar Sales Showroom

2. Sales and Installation of Residential Use Solar Power Generating Systems by AEON Group Companies

The collaboration between the two companies started from mid March of this year at "Sumai no Refomu" (home renovation store) in the JUSCO Sagamihara (Kanagawa Prefecture) with a trial development of sales and installation service of solar power generating systems.

Based on the positive results of the Sagamihara showroom, operation and expansion of permanent spaces to manage consultation, sales and installation of residential use solar power generating systems will be undertaken in eastern Japan starting with four JUSCO "Sumai no Refomu" locations and through the AEON Group company, AEON Delight.

Photo: “Sumai no Refomu” Sales Showroom
"Sumai no Refomu" Sales Showroom

3. Introduction of Solar Power Generating System Sales Support and the "Solar Loan"

Starting from the end of May, a new "Solar Loan" by AEON Credit Service, to support financing of residential use solar power generating systems, will be offered at nation-wide Kyocera sales showrooms and at all AEON locations.

In conjunction, AEON Bank locations — which are open until 9pm 365 days a year - located inside of AEON shopping centers will subsequently begin offering "Solar Loan" financial services as well.

Customers will be able to choose a fixed interest or adjustable rate loan to meet their own financial planning needs.

AEON and Kyocera will also promote the sales of residential use solar power generating systems through the product announcements sent out to the 17 million nationwide AEON Card members, and with touring Kyocera Solar exhibits in the major AEON shopping centers across Japan.

Also, pamphlets introducing the “Solar Loan” for purchasing Kyocera solar power generating systems will be available in AEON shopping centers throughout Japan.
  Image: “Solar Loan” Explanation Pamphlet
"Solar Loan" Explanation Pamphlet
Moreover, consultation service and detailed information will be provided to interested parties through both of the group companies' Web sites.

4. About AEON and Kyocera Environmental Communications with Customers

The two companies will also cooperate to set up educational events with customers at AEON shopping centers in the month of June as part of both companies' environmental protection activities; including promotion of reusable shopping bags, recycling collection at store locations and solar power generating system explanations. These activities are timed to coincide with the nationally recognized Environment Month, which aligns with the June 5 United Nation's World Environment Day.

Photo: Environmental Protection Activity Events, No.1
Photo: Environmental Protection Activity Events, No.2
Environmental Protection Activity Events

Utilizing this collaboration based on the standpoint of customers, stores and products, both AEON and Kyocera will further strive to promote various policies that aim for the development of a recycling intensive society.