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KYOCERA Releases New MEGACOAT Cermets,
Superfine Cermet Cutting Inserts

Improved wear-resistance, ideal for finishing

October 29, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced that its Cutting Tool Division will introduce two new cermet inserts that feature greater wear-resistance enabled by Kyocera's proprietary PVD coating system MEGACOAT: the PV7010 MEGACOAT Cermet for machining steel and the PV7005 MEGACOAT Cermet for machining cast iron; as well as the TN6010 Superfine Cermet, which is ideal for semi-finishing of steels.

Cermet is a composite of ceramic and metal, used in cutting tools, which combines the superior heat-resistance of ceramic with the toughness of metal. Cermet has long been used for the finishing of steels, cast iron and other hard materials because of its superior wear- and heat-resistance, and its low affinity with work materials - attributes that ensure high-precision surface machining. Specializing in ceramic materials, Kyocera has continually held the leading market position in the cermet industry.

Kyocera's new cermet inserts feature a unique coating, and the enhanced composition of the cermet surface ensures improved wear-resistance, greater stability in machining, and superior durability. With these features, the new products offer greater productivity in the finishing of hard metals.

Cermet Inserts

Product Outline
TN6010 Superfine
195 items
65 items
181 items
High-quality finishing of steels
High-quality finishing of cast iron
Semi-finishing of steels
Sales target
200 million yen (first year, total for three products)
Production base
Sendai Plant, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

MEGACOAT and the Functionally-Graded Cermet

The PV7010 and PV7005 feature the application of the MEGACOAT PVD coating - Kyocera's proprietary technology - that ensures superior wear-resistance and crater wear-resistance. The MEGACOAT also features a higher oxidization temperature - by approximately 200 degrees Celsius compared to conventional products - ensuring superior heat-resistance and stable processing even at high temperatures. The use of MEGACOAT on cermet inserts guarantees stable and high-precision finishing. image:Cutting edge/MEGACOAT/ Base Material
MEGACOAT (PV7010 / PV7005)
Functionally-graded cermet (PV7010 / TN6010)
The functionally-graded cermet insert features separate material component ratios for the surface and internal structures. The internal is composed of tough cermet that provides superior crack-resistance, while the ultra-hard cermet at the surface offers superb wear-resistance. The PV7010 and TN6010, which both use this functionally-graded cermet, feature exceptional durability for stable processing. Image:left:Innner side of Cermet, Right:Surface of Cermet
1. MEGACOAT Cermet PV7010 - ideal for steel finishing
The base material of the PV7010 utilizes a functionally-graded cermet, and incorporates Kyocera's proprietary MEGACOAT on the surface. This ensures superior wear- and heat-resistance. The PV7010 features exceptional hardness while retaining superior wear-resistance, ensuring uniform, high-precision finishing.
2. MEGACOAT Cermet PV7005 - ideal for cast iron finishing
The base material of the PV7005 is a special TiC-TiN (titanium carbide / titanium nitride) cermet used for processing cast iron, and also incorporates Kyocera's proprietary MEGACOAT on the surface. This ensures that the wear-resistance is approximately 50 percent greater compared to the company's conventional models. There is also the added benefit of stable processing by suppressing the spread of crater wear - when resistance to the insert causes "chipping."
3. Superfine Cermet TN6010 - ideal for semi-finishing of steels
As with the PV7010, the TN6010 uses a functionally-graded cermet as the base material. This provides the new inserts with superior hardness while retaining fracture-resistance, and also permits superior wear-resistance. To correspond to customer's various needs the TN6010 is also available without the surface coating.