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KYOCERA Announces New Boring Tool "Dynamic Bar"

Streamlined chip pocket for improved chip discharging performance, enhanced productivity

October 29, 2008
Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced that it has developed the Dynamic Bar, a new boring bar from Kyocera's Cutting Tool Division. The Dynamic Bar features a streamlined chip pocket, which has been designed by applying the latest computer simulation technology and the use of a special alloy. The combination of these features improves both chip discharging performance - especially when boring metals - and anti-chattering performance.

Photo:The Dynamic Bar
The Dynamic Bar
Product Outline
Product name Dynamic Bar
Variety 332 items
Purpose Boring
Production base Yohkaichi Plant, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Sales target 300 million yen (first year)


Superior chip discharging performance
Typically, the process of boring (machining the inside bore of a cylindrical piece) can become problematic due to the irregular evacuation of machining chips - causing interruptions to the process or scratches on the machined surface. Therefore, improved chip discharging performance has been a crucial factor to ensure greater productivity when machining bores.
Kyocera's new Dynamic Bar overcomes these problems with its improved chip discharging ability, which is enabled by a streamlined chip pocket that is more than 1.2 times longer than those of conventional models. The chip pocket design was enhanced by utilizing the latest computer simulation technology.
Streamlined chip pocket
The length of the pocket is more than 1.2 times longer than conventional models - ensuring smoother chip discharging.

Photo:Streamlined chip pocket

Controlled chattering to ensure stable machining
Chattering refers to the vibration that occurs when holder rigidity is deficient, and causes problems that include impaired machining precision and damage to the tools. It is therefore essential to improve the anti-chattering performance of boring bars.

The new Dynamic Bar ensures improved anti-chattering performance by maintaining superior holder rigidity, enabled by the stress analyses applied when designing the holder and the use of a special alloy.

The result is a stable machining process. The range of the Dynamic Bar is up to 5.5 times* the projection length of the holder, compared to up to five times for the earlier products. The greater operating range improves the efficiency of machining bores.

*The comparison between conventional products and the Dynamic Bar was made under the same conditions using the same products with a shank length of 180mm and a shank diameter of 16mm.