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KYOCERA Releases W65K Waterproof WIN Mobile Phone

Slim, light weight, available in three stylish designs

October 27, 2008
Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced the introduction of the W65K, a new slim, light weight one-seg mobile phone for "au" that is waterproof,* allowing for worry-free use of the handset in the bathroom, kitchen, and even in rainy weather and other conditions where water is prevalent.

The W65K is the slimmest and lightest** waterproof mobile phone in the WIN lineup, measuring just 15.8 mm thick and weighing only 116 grams. The W65K is available in three distinct designs with color coordinated exteriors and user interfaces. The new models are designed to appeal to young women in their 20s and 30s who appreciate fashion sensibility and have a wide range of preferences.

To ensure functionality, the W65K handset is compatible with one-seg and Osaifu Keitai® (electronic payment system), it also provides a range of unique user-friendly functions including Sugu Moji (quick character input), an automatic silent mode setting, and a new countdown timer. The W65K is the latest Kyocera model included in the new lineup of au models released by the KDDI Corporation today.

*Waterproof characteristic rated at IPX5 and IPX7 (former Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) Protection Code). Waterproof characteristic details are explained below.
**The thickness and weight of the handsets vary according to design (as of October 27, 2008).

Photo:W65K Handset: (From left) Claire White, Fleur Pink and Luxe Silver
W65K Handset: (From left) Claire White, Fleur Pink and Luxe Silver

Model W65K
Price Open price
Colors Claire White, Fleur Pink, and Luxe Silver
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

Main Features

Three stylish designs
The W65K comes in three distinct designs to choose from, allowing the user to select the style that best matches their tastes and fashion sense. The concept of each design is represented not only in the design of the exterior, but also in the key pad and the screen interface as well, creating a unique look and feel for each handset. The information key beside the sub-display is illuminated in seven colors, which differ for each of the designs, adding to the beauty, style and uniqueness of each handset.
Photo:Claire White
Photo:Fleur Pink
Photo:Luxe Silver
Claire White Fleur Pink Luxe Silver


1. Waterproof
. The W65K waterproof characteristic* is rated at IPX5 / IPX7 (former JIS Protection Code), allowing users to use the handset without fear of it being affected by water in a range of situations such as in the bathroom,** the kitchen,*** and outside in rainy weather.**** Also, the handset can be rinsed in water for easy, worry-free cleaning.*****

  *Waterproof characteristic rated at IPX5 / IPX7 (former JIS Protection Code).
IPX5: The handset retains the functions of a telephone even after being exposed to water projected at the rate of approximately 12.5 liters per minute for at least three minutes from all directions using nozzles with a 6.3mm bore from a distance of approximately 3 meters.
IPX7: The handset retains the functions of a telephone without water entering the main body after being submerged slowly to a depth of 1 meter, containing fresh water and tap water, respectively, and being left submerged for approximately 30 minutes. The unit must have the caps firmly closed and the lid of the battery container securely fastened. Do not soak the handset in water other than tap water at normal temperature.
**Bathroom use
  Do not put or drop the handset into the bathtub. The handset cannot be used in water, otherwise the handset will fail.
Do not soak the unit in water containing a solution of soap, detergent or bath agent, and do not soak it in a hot spring.
***Kitchen use
  Do not pour liquid other than tap water - such as a solution of soap, detergent, flavoring or beverages - into the handset, and do not soak the handset in such liquids. Do not pour hot or chilled water into the handset, and do not soak the handset in such water. Do not expose the unit to a strong flow of water. Keep the handset away from temperature extremes.
****Rainy weather use
  The handset may not be used in the rain when rainfall exceeds 20mm/hour.
*****To clean the unit, wash it in a gentle flow of water, keeping it approximately 10cm away from the water outlet.
2. One-seg compatibility
  The handset has a 2.7 inch display screen and is compatible with one-seg, allowing the user to enjoy viewing television programs on-the-go. Also, the display-quality function automatically adjusts the display image for optimal clarity corresponding to the genre of TV or video.

Special Features
1. New Sugu Moji function (quick character input)
  The handset comes with the new Sugu Moji function. Simply by pressing the numeric keys a standby display screen allows the user to immediately enter characters quickly and easily to send mails, take notes, or conduct an Internet search.
2. Automatically set silent mode
  This new function allows the user to set an on and off timer for automatic activation of the silent and meeting modes.
3. New countdown timer function
  This feature allows the user to set a countdown timer which is displayed in a small banner at the top of the screen, permitting the user to continuously read, write and send mails while keeping an eye on the timer.

Compatibility with a variety of services
1. LISMO video clips
2. Jibun Ginko (personal bank)
3. Osaifu Keitai® (electronic payment system)
4. au Smart Sports

Dimensions (mm)
W x H x D
Claire White: approx. 50 × 106 × 15.8 (approx. 18.2mm at the thickest point)
Fleur Pink: approx. 50 × 106 × 16.2 (approx. 18.2mm at the thickest point)
Luxe Silver: approx. 51 × 106 × 16.3 (approx. 18.0mm at the thickest point)
Weight (including battery) Claire White: approx. 116g, Fleur Pink: approx. 118g, Luxe Silver: approx. 118g
Continuous call duration Approx. 220 minutes*
Continuous standby time Approx. 300 hours*
Main display 2.7 inch 260,000 color IPS liquid crystal display / 240 x 400 dots (wide QVGA)
Sub display 0.5 inch white organic EL / 60 × 32 dots
Camera Approx. 1.97 megapixel CMOS camera with auto-focus function
Data folder capacity Approx. 100MB (or 1000 items)
External memory microSD™ / microSDHC™ memory cards (sold separately / max 4 GB)

*The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are the average durations when the au handset has stable, sufficient signal reception, and may be shorter depending on the area and conditions of use. Both the continuous call duration and the continuous standby time become shorter when the handset has been used for both purposes. The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are correct at the time of product release and are subject to change without notice due to changes in the specifications of the system and other components by KDDI Group companies.
**Osaifu Keitai is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
***All trademarks and registered trademarks in this news release are those of their respective holders.