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KYOCERA Introduces W06K, First ExpressCard
WIN Data Card for “au”

Provides high-speed mobile data transfer, EV-DO Rev.A compatibility

October 27, 2008
Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced that it will begin marketing the W06K, the first ExpressCard mobile data card for "au." The W06K is a card used exclusively for high-speed data transfer supported by the Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A (EV-DO Rev.A) technology, at speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps (downlink) and 1.8 Mbps* (uplink).

The W06K is compatible with personal computers that have an ExpressCard/34 slot, an increasingly popular feature for laptop computers, including Windows® PCs and Apple Inc. computers incorporating Mac OS. Along with the W05K compact flash data card currently marketed by au, the W06K provides mobile broadband access for a larger number of users across Japan.

The W06K incorporates a traffic control function and is compatible with the WIN Single Flat Rate service plan provided by au. This ensures stress-free transmission of large-size data, such as sending and receiving e-mails and browsing Web sites with a reliable internet connection.

The W06K will be available through the KDDI Corporation starting in late November.

Photo: W06K ExpressCard
W06K ExpressCard

Main Features
1. High-speed data transmission
The W06K supports EV-DO Rev.A, which permits high-speed data transfer at up to 3.1 Mbps (downlink) and 1.8 Mbps* (uplink) in areas where EV-DO Rev.A can be accessed. Outside those areas, the unit permits WIN and CDMA 1X network communications, and therefore can be used in all the au mobile phone service areas in Japan.

2. Easy installation (compatibility with Windows® XP and Windows Vista)
The W06K incorporates a dedicated drive and utility software, and the installer is automatically activated upon initial use. This permits easy installation of the software without having to use a CD-Rom or other separate installers.

3. Compatible with Mac OS
The W06K is compatible with Mac OS, and can be used with all Apple Inc. personal computers equipped with an ExpressCard/34 slot.

Model W06K
Price Open price
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company
Type ExpressCard/34
Dimensions (mm) (W x H x D) Approx. 34 × 115 × 5.1 (12.5mm at the thickest point)
Weight Approx. 36g
Power supply DC3.3V ± 0.3V (supplied by PC)
Compatible OS Windows® XP / Windows Vista (32bit / 64bit versions)
Mac OS X v10.4 and above (Japanese versions)
Control command In compliance with Hayes AT Command
Applicable line CDMA 1X WIN / CDMA 1X system

*Compatible with the Best-Effort System in which data transmission speed changes according to the environment of usage.
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