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KYOCERA Introduces Residential Solar Modules With Improved Output

Providing new models for the Japanese residential market

October 22, 2008

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) introduced a new line of solar modules that produce higher power output by adopting larger solar cells, measuring 156 mm × 156 mm. The new line will be replacing the existing line of solar modules, with a cell size of 150 mm × 155 mm. On October 2, Kyocera introduced a new solar module (208.4 W) for public and industrial use, and now announces that sales of the new residential use modules for the Japanese market will begin November 1, through Kyocera Solar Corporation (President: Hideo Sumi).

The new line of modules includes the SAMURAI models which were developed for installation on the complexly structured roofs that are characteristic of Japanese homes, as well as the standard type ECONOROOTS model designed for span or flat roofs. The ECONOROOTS model, with a power output of 183 W per module, possesses the highest output capacity in the Kyocera line for residential use. The new SAMURAI models will be available on the market starting November 1, with the ECONOROOTS model to follow subsequently.

Along with providing solar power generating systems with increased power output that meet customer demands, Kyocera will continue to promote the spread of solar energy systems that make a positive contribute to the global environment.

Photo: Solar modules for Japanese residential use (left: ECONOROOTS)(right: SAMURAI (small & large))
Solar modules for Japanese residential use (left: ECONOROOTS)(right: SAMURAI (small & large))

Module Specifications



RD183X-QP-R (sloped roof, Type R)

KD183X-QPE-S (flat roof, Type G)

Dimensions (mm)

1,338 × 1,012 × 36 (W × H × D)

1,341 × 990 × 36 (W × H × D)

Solar Cell (No.)

6 × 8 (48 cells)

6 × 8 (48 cells)

Nominal Maximum Output

183 W (4.6% increase over previous
175 W model)

183 W (4.6% increase over previous 175 W model)



SD62X-QPS-B (large)

SD46X-QPS-B (small)

Dimensions (mm)

1,354 × 345 × 8 (W × H × D)

1,015.5 × 345 × 8 (W × H × D)

Number of Cells

2 × 8 (16 cells)

2 × 6 (12 cells)

Nominal Maximum Output

62 W (3.3% increase over previous 60 W  model)

46 W (2.2% increase over previous 45 W  model)