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KYOCERA to Release High Power 208.4W Solar Module

New solar cell targets the public and industrial sectors in Japan

September 29, 2008

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) has developed a high power solar module for public and industrial use in Japan by adopting a new solar cell measuring 156 mm × 156 mm. The release of the new module was announced on October 2 of this year through Kyocera Solar Corporation (President: Hideo Sumi) - Kyocera’s subsidiary engaged in the sale of solar generation systems in Japan.

The new module achieves an output of 208.4 W, an improvement of 4.2 percent per module over Kyocera's conventional models, making it the most powerful module in the Kyocera domestic line.

Amid recent mounting concern over the problem of global warming, there has been growing demand for solar systems as an effective measure against the energy and environmental problems facing the world. In Japan, solar energy generating systems have been utilized in homes, companies, as well as in public offices and facilities. In particular, in recent years large-scale systems of 1,000 kW (1 MW), have successively been constructed, and there has also been an increase in the number of medium-scale (10 kW range to 100 kW range) solar power generating systems. The new module to be introduced by Kyocera features an unprecedented level of energy output, allowing for a high ratio of output to space for use in the public and industrial markets where installation space in limited.

Photo: New high power solar module for public and industrial use
New high power solar module for public and industrial use

Kyocera’s integrated in-house production system enables it to not only manufacture high-quality solar cells, but also includes sales, installation and after-sales service. A superior product line, along with design and construction technology, are the strengths that enable Kyocera to offer more effective solar power installations for the public and industrial sectors in the domestic market. Kyocera boasts the leading market share in terms of number of installations in Japan (as of March 2008), and will continue contributing to robust market development and to finding innovative solutions to environmental problems by developing products to satisfy the market demand and by distributing high-quality solar systems to the domestic market.

Product Specifications



Dimensions (mm)

1500 × 990 × 36 (W × H × D)

Solar Cell (No.)

6 × 9

maximum output


Conversion efficiency


1. The highest output in the Kyocera domestic line
The new high power solar module has achieved increased output capability by employing a new solar cell with an expanded cell area. This new module is capable of producing approximately 4.2 percent more energy than Kyocera's conventional module (200 W/module). This allows Kyocera to offer a product that makes effective use of the installation area, enabling the customer to achieve a higher output with fewer modules, thus providing a greater cost advantage to those who are installing large-scale systems for public or industrial use.

image: Features

2. Effective installation with optimal output
In large-scale installations for public or industrial use, the modules are installed in round figures such as 10 kW, 20 kW, 100 kW and 200 kW according to the capacity of the power conditioner. Since public and industrial systems typically use 10 kW or 100 kW power conditioners, the required number of modules to form a solar system in units of 10 kW depends on the output per module. For example, when 208.4W modules are used to install a 500 kW-system, exactly 2,400 modules will produce a total output of 500,160 kW, which makes the most optimal use of combinations of 10 kW or 100 kW power conditioners.

3. High output with aesthetic value
Combined with the 178.6W module, which has already been released on the market, the 208.4 W module offers an output figure that facilitates the well-balanced arrangement of modules vertically and horizontally. Along with increased efficiency, the Kyocera line of solar modules meets the demands of customers who place importance on building aesthetics.

New Solar Cells
This product utilizes new cell dimensions that have been increased from the conventional size of 150 mm × 155 mm to 156 mm × 156 mm. The new cell, which helps to increase the output of the whole module, has been marketed in the United States since February and in Europe since May of this year. However, this is the first product that employs the new cells to target the domestic market.