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Third Kyocera Ladies Open in Satsuma

KYOCERA Sponsored Eco Golf Tour Uses "Tradable Green Certificates"

October 7, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) will co-host the women's professional golf Legends Tour, the Third Kyocera Ladies Open in Satsuma, with the Ladies Professional Golfers Association of Japan (LPGA) (Chairperson: Hisako Higuchi) on Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11. Kyocera announced that this year's two-day tournament, as well as the following professional and amateur tournament on October 12, will be promoted as an Eco Golf Tour using Tradable Green Certificates. The certificate ensures that the equivalent amount of power required for holding the three-day event, approximately 15,000 kWh, will be produced through renewable energy sources. This is the first golf tournament in Japan to be held using Tradable Green Certificates.

The Tradable Green Certificate system works by issuing certificates to businesses and organizations which purchase the "environmental value" of clean energy consumed by eligible households which have generated electricity through renewable energy resources such as solar and wind power. The Green Power Certification Center*, certifies the purchase of the value by accounting for the amount of energy traded. Through this system those who purchase Tradable Green Certificates support the use of renewable energy systems and in turn can be recognized as having used electricity generated from renewable energy resources even if they do not have a renewable energy generation facility on-site.

This golf tournament will be held using clean energy purchased with a Tradable Green Certificate issued by the non-profit organization, PV** Owner Network, Japan; which issues certificates by serving as an intermediary for establishing contracts with households that have solar power generation systems installed.

By holding this tournament, Kyocera hopes to help familiarize players and spectators with solar power and clean energy options. As a company engaged in solar energy production and a leader in eco-friendly business, Kyocera is determined to continue conducting activities that make positive contributions to the global environment.

Tradable Green Certificate Flow Chart
Tradable Green Certificate Flow Chart

Details of the Third Kyocera Ladies Open in Satsuma
Name of the tournament Third Kyocera Ladies Open in Satsuma
Hosts Kyocera Corporation, Ladies Professional Golfers Association of Japan
Venue International Golf Resort Kyocera
(6122 Gumyo, Satsuma-cho, Satsuma-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Tel: 0996-57-1511)
Total prize money 15 million yen (approx. US$150,000)
Schedule October 9, 2008 (Thursday) - designated practice day
     10 (Friday) - first day of tournament (Challenge Cup)
     11 (Saturday) - final day of tournament
     12 (Sunday) - pro-amateur tournament
Number of participants 93 players (60 professionals and 33 amateurs)

International Golf Resort Kyocera
The International Golf Resort Kyocera, which will host the tournament, is a multi-purpose resort facility which was reopened in March 2003 under Kyocera management.
It features a hotel capable of accommodating approximately 170 guests and an array of recreation facilities such as golf, soccer, swimming, tennis courts and hot springs, and its long stay plan attracts many guests. The Kyocera Ladies Open in Satsuma has been held at the International Golf Resort Kyocera ever since the first tournament.
Photo:International Golf Resort Kyocera
International Golf Resort Kyocera

* The Green Power Certification Center is managed by the Green Power Certification Council, Japan (Chairman: Prof. Kenji Yamaji, University of Tokyo), an organization affiliated with the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan. It is an impartial group consisting of academic experts and those who are involved with environmental NGO, power companies and wind electricity generators. Its roles include the accreditation of renewable energy generation facilities and power generated by renewable energy resources.
** Photovoltaics (PV) are more commonly referred to as solar power.