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KYOCERA Introduces the New W64SA WIN Mobile Phone that Soothes You with a Choice of Two Colors for the Illumination and that Features an Expanded Range of Advanced Functions

June 3, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) today announced that it will begin marketing the new au model W64SA, a new WIN mobile phone for au that comes with an expanded range of advanced functions and that features its front panel aesthetically enhanced with soft illumination. The W64SA is a Sanyo-branded model that augments the new au models handsets released by KDDI Corporation today.

This handset is compatible with KCP+, a common platform for au mobile phones that provides a higher level of functionality. It also features a high-resolution 2.8 inch wide VGA IPS liquid crystal display, one-seg TV broadcast compatibility, and FeliCa®. This high-performance WIN handset provides advanced user-friendly functions including a One-Touch TV key that activates the one-seg TV with a simple press, au one Gadget compatibility, and compatibility with the menus of other companies' models.
The W64SA is available in four colors: Pink Bottle, White Bottle, Yellow Bottle, and Black Bottle. This new model also features the two-color illumination for the front panel, which allows the user to combine his or her two favorite colors according to his or her mood to soothe their mind - a new function that focuses on the meaning and fun of color.

Photo:W64SA: (From left) Pink Bottle (unfolded), White Bottle, Pink Bottle, Yellow Bottle and Black Bottle
W64SA: (From left) Pink Bottle (unfolded), White Bottle, Pink Bottle, Yellow Bottle and Black Bottle

Model W64SA
Price Open price
Color of main body Pink Bottle, White Bottle, Yellow Bottle and Black Bottle
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

Main Features
1. Front panel design featuring colored illumination
The front panel has two-color molding, combining a clear material reminiscent of a bottle containing aromatic oil or perfume, with another material in each color. This makes it possible to create a transparent quality. The front panel is also enhanced with a distinctive, subdued, two-color floating illumination at the center. Users can choose from five different colors for the illumination - one for the upper part and another for the lower half. The illumination works in conjunction with the motion sensor, allowing the user to enjoy a range of delightful functions, such as Shake Illumi, which makes different combinations of colors appear in succession when the handset is shaken, and Illumi Drop, which slowly moves the illuminated part downward when the handset is set upright, to make it appear as if a colored shadow were sinking towards the ground. What's more, this function also provides color diagnosis - just choose the favorite color combination using Shake Illumi and visit a dedicated website *1 to check the result.
It is said that each color has its own power. The W64SA is a mobile phone with distinctive colored illuminations, which is aimed at users in their 20s and 30s who want to choose combinations of colors as a means of expressing their individuality.
*1A packet fee is charged separately.

photo: Shake Illumi (left) and Illumi Drop (simulated illuminations)
Shake Illumi (left) and Illumi Drop (simulated illuminations)

2. Viewable display that uses a fine Panel
The main display is a 2.8 inch wide VGA IPS liquid crystal display, which provides a resolution four times higher than wide QVGA liquid crystal displays. The display uses a Fine Panel, which features hardened glass closely attached to the display. This prevents diffused reflections of light and ensures superior viewability even in a bright location.
3. A wide variety of advanced functions
(1) Multi-play window
The W64SA comes with an array of state-of-the-art convenient functions enabled by KCP+. The dual-screen display permits the user, for example, to exchange e-mails while watching one-seg TV. The Play Kirikae function (to switch the content being played) permits the simultaneous use of multiple functions like PC, without need to deactivate one to use another.
(2) Constant auto lock
  To ensure security, the handset automatically locks itself after a certain period of time elapses even when an application is activated.
(3) au one Gadget and search window
(4) Compatibility with the menus of other companies' models
(5) One-seg TV with a variety of functions
  The W64SA permits the user to activate one-seg TV quickly just by pressing the One-Touch TV key under the dial key button. The handset also features DBEX™*2 bandwidth expansion technology and the Azayaka (brilliant) Mode that permits switching between different picture qualities according to preference, allowing the user to enjoy one-seg TV with realistic, high-quality sound and superb image quality. The handset provides an automatic backlight control function that automatically optimizes the brightness level of the screen display, and an expanded range of convenient functions, including timer recording, timer for watching a particular program, and the Time-Shift Playback function. The data folder's capacity of approx. 800MB permits up to about 250 minutes*3 of one-seg TV recording.
*2 DBEX™ is a bandwidth expansion technology of Dimagic Co., Ltd.
*3 Applies to 3.0 MB/minute data. The handset also permits up to approx. 620 minutes of recording in a 2 GB microSD™ memory card.
(6) Bluetooth® compatibility
4.Other important functions
(1) FM radio
The handset comes with a whip antenna, which permits the user to listen to the radio via the speaker without using an earphone antenna.
(2) 1.99 megapixel auto-focus camera with hand-shake correction
  Turn on the hand-shake correction function, and the 6-Jiku Tebure Hosei (6-axis hand-shake correction) function and Koukando, Kousoku Satsuei function (high-sensitivity, high-speed shooting) are automatically activated as appropriate for the conditions, allowing the user to take high-quality still pictures with reduced blurring from a shaking hand. Other functions include Papatto Panorama® and Susutto Scan®. The W64SA also allows the user to shoot and record up to approx. 90 minutes*4 of high-quality VGA-size video images.
*4 Available when using a microSD™ memory card with at least 1 GB free memory (sold separately)
(3) Built-in IC stereo recorder
The handset comes with an IC recorder that permits a maximum of 24 hours*5 of stereo recording. This function provides two recording modes for the user to choose from - Kaigi You (for meetings) and Kojutsu You (for dictation).
*5Applies while the handset's battery is being charged.
(4) Blind screen
  Press and hold the One-Touch TV key, and the display contrast is automatically adjusted to make it difficult for people nearby to see the display - a convenient feature when you're reading e-mail messages.
(5) Character input assisting functions
  The Jidou Cursor Idou (automatic cursor movement) automatically moves the cursor to the right after a certain length of time, which is convenient when you enter multiple hiragana characters from the same line in a row, such as "a i" The handset also provides a Back function that allows you to return to the previous character just by pressing the # key before entering it, when you have erroneously skipped a character you want — "" is displayed when you want "", for example. The W63SA also provides an Undo function, which allows you to undo an operation just by pressing the Mail key when you have erroneously entered or deleted a character, or when you have converted a word into the wrong kanji characters or entered a word without correcting it.
5. Compatibility with a range of services
(1) au Smart Sports Run & Walk*1 compatibility
  The user can confirm the distance he or she has traveled and the calories burned while jogging or walking by activating the Run & Walk. The W64SA also comes with a new calories-burned counter function, which automatically calculates and displays the distance moved and calories burned in the user's everyday life without activating Run & Walk.
* The displayed information may be inaccurate depending on the conditions of the GPS satellites.
* The calories-burned counter is set to on by default.
* The calories-burned counter is made possible by the built-in motion sensor (acceleration sensor).
(2) LISMO Music and Video compatibility
  The W64SA allows you to enjoy video and music with high-quality sound enabled by netK2 technology.
* netK2 is technology for improving the sound quality of compressed audio files, which was jointly developed by Victor Company of Japan, Limited and Victor Entertainment, Inc.
Main specifications
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D Approx. 50 x 107 x 17.2 (When the handset is folded)
Weight Approx. 122 g (including batteries)
Continuous call duration Approx. 250 minutes
Continuous standby time Approx. 240 hours (when the calories-burned counter is on)
Approx. 250 hours (when the calories-burned counter is off)
Screen size Approx. 2.8 inch wide VGA IPS liquid crystal display
Number of pixels on the screen 480 x 800 dots
Camera Approx. 1.99 megapixel auto-focus with hand-shake correction function.
Data folder capacity Approx. 800 MB (shared with BREW®)
External memory microSD™ memory card (separately sold)
External memory microSD™ memory card (separately sold)
*The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are the average durations when the au handset is subject to stable, enough electric waves, and may become shorter depending on the area and conditions of use. When the continuous call and standby are combined, both durations are shortened. The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are correct at the time of product release and are subject to change without notice due to changes in the specifications of the system and other components by KDDI Group companies. *Other trademarks in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers.