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The First WIN Handset Compatible with Global Passport CDMA

KYOCERA Introduces the High-End Mobile Phone W63SA

June 3, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) today announced that it will begin marketing the new au model W63SA, a high-end WIN mobile phone. It is the first WIN handset that is compatible with Global Passport CDMA. The W63SA is a Sanyo branded model that augments the new lineup of handsets released by KDDI Corporation today.

The W63SA comes with an expanded range of advanced functions that are unique to WIN models, including the dual-screen display - two different displays on the upper and lower halves of the screen - that permits the user, for example, to exchange e-mails while watching one-seg TV. The WIN handset also comes with a high-resolution, wide VGA liquid crystal display that also allows PC websites to be viewed, an 800MB large-capacity memory, a multimedia function that permits compatibility with one-seg, LISMO Video, and Bluetooth®, and IC stereo recording that assists the user in his or her business and other activities. It also features "Play Kirikae" function (to switch the content being played) that permits the user to use multiple functions at the same time. The W63SA is the first WIN handset that is compatible with Global Passport CDMA, which permits the user to make phone calls, exchange e-mails, and to access EZweb outside Japan1*. This handset is aimed mainly at men in their 30s who are active both in their businesses and in private lives. While its external form is simple, the main body of the handset is elegantly designed to highlight its texture and details, applying a piano-gloss finish, discontinuous evaporation coating, matt-black paint, and double-alumite treatment. The W63SA is available in three colors.
*1   The handset can be used in 19 different countries and regions around the world. The use of e-mail and EZweb is available only in 11 countries and regions, and a separate subscription to EZweb is required.

Photo: W63SA. (From left) Impressive Red, Rigid Silver, and Gritty Black
W63SA. (From left) Impressive Red, Rigid Silver, and Gritty Black

Model W63SA
Price Open price
Color of main body Impressive Red, Rigid Silver and Gritty Black
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

Main Features
1. Convenient functions for use outside Japan
(1) Easy area setting
Simply select "overseas" for the area setting, and the W63SA will be ready for use outside Japan. No extra settings are needed when moving between overseas countries.
(2) Aircraft Mode setting
Select this mode when you turn off the handset to prevent the alarm clock and other functions from being automatically activated.
(3) Calendars of overseas countries
(4) Calculator with currency converter
(5) Displays information relating to each overseas area
(6) Simultaneous display of world time clock and Japan time clock
(7) Mobile dictionaries

2. Distinct design
Despite the simple external form, the W63SA features a distinctive design. Different surface-coating technologies have been adopted for the respective colors, adding a touch of class to the handsets. Impressive Red conveys a high-quality feeling with its piano-gloss finish, while Gritty Black highlights a modern appearance by combining a special, fingerprint-resistant texture with the quality of metal. Rigid Silver has been designed to create the impression of a building in an urban area, which corresponds to the uniquely cool, impersonal atmosphere of big cities. The handset also comes with illuminated keys that flash beautifully in conjunction with the operations for receiving calls and e-mail messages. The handset offers six different flashing patterns to choose from. The blue-tinted illumination adds a touch of elegance to the handset.

image: Piano-Gloss Finish
image: Matt-Black Painting
image: Example of Illuminated Keys
Piano-Gloss Finish
Matt-Black Painting
Example of Illuminated Keys

3. 2.8-inch-wide VGA IPS liquid crystal display
The display features a resolution that is four times higher than wide QVGA liquid crystal displays, allowing superb clarity of even the smallest characters.

4. Convenient functions for user-friendly operation
(1) Multi-play window
The W63SA comes with an array of state-of-the-art functions enabled by KCP+. The dual-screen display permits the user, for example, to exchange e-mails while watching one-seg TV. The Play Kirikae function (to switch the content being played) permits the simultaneous use of multiple functions like PC, without the need to deactivate one to use another.
(2) Constant auto lock
To ensure security, the handset automatically locks itself after a certain period of time elapses even when an application is activated.
(3) Bluetooth® compatibility
(4) au one gadget and search window
The handset is compatible with au one Gadget, which enables the user to customize the standby display according to his or her preference. It also features a search window that allows the user to conduct a website search and to have easy access via the standby screen.
(5) Compatibility with menus of other manufacturers' models
(6) Video conference call function
(7) PC Website Viewer and PC Document Viewer

5. Other important functions
(1) Enjoy one-seg TV broadcast with high-quality sound and versatile functions
The W63SA allows the user to enjoy one-seg TV with a realistic sound field enabled by DBEX™*3. The user can also choose from three different picture quality modes depending on the content: Natural, Dynamic and Cinema. What's more, when there is an incoming call while the user is watching one-seg TV, the handset's Time-Shift Playback function automatically records*4 the program currently being viewed during the call and plays back the recorded program after the end of the call. The wide range of convenient functions also include Jump Playback, which plays back a recorded program from a specified point, and timer recording and recording while viewing.
*3 DBEX™ is a bandwidth expansion technology by Dimagic Co., Ltd.
*4   This function permits up to three minutes of recording. After three minutes, the recorded data is replaced with the new data on a first-recorded, first-deleted basis.
(2) Data folder with approximately 800MB capacity
The W63SA permits recording*5 of up to approx. 250 minutes of one-seg TV broadcast and saves up to approx. 530*6 EZ Chaku Uta Full® files. A 2GB microSD memory card permits recording of approx. 620 minutes of one-seg TV broadcast or the saving of approx. 1330 EZ Chaku Uta Full® files.
*5  Applies to 3.0 MB/minute data.
*6  Applies to 1.5 MB/tune.
(3) Built-in IC stereo recorder
The handset comes with an IC recorder that permits a maximum of 24 hours*7 of stereo recording. This function provides two recording modes for the user to choose from - Kaigi You (for meetings) and Kojutsu You (for dictation).
*7   Applies while the handset's battery is being charged.
(4) FM radio/ digital radio compatibility
The model allows the user to listen to FM radio broadcasts even outside Japan. The handset comes with a whip antenna, which allows the user to listen to the radio via the speaker without using an earphone antenna. This model is also compatible with digital radio*8, allowing the user to receive information related to the current program or commercial, or to check the latest news.
*8  Digital radio compatibility is unavailable outside Japan.
(5) 1.99 megapixel auto-focus camera with hand-shake correction
Turn on the hand-shake correction function, and the 6-Jiku Tebure Hosei (6-axis hand-shake correction) function and Koukando, Kousoku Satsuei function (high-sensitivity, high-speed shooting) are automatically activated, allowing the user to take photographs take high-quality still pictures with reduced blurring from a shaking hand. The W63SA also comes with convenient functions, such as Papatto Panorama® and Susutto Scan®.
(6) Character input assist functions
The Jidou Cursor Idou (automatic cursor movement) automatically moves the cursor to the right after a certain length of time, which is convenient when you enter multiple hiragana characters from the same line in a row, such as "ai" The handset also provides a Back function that allows you to return to the previous character just by pressing the # key before entering it, when you have erroneously skipped a character you want — "u" is displayed when you want "i", for example. The W63SA also provides an Undo function, which allows you to undo an operation just by pressing the Mail key when you have erroneously entered or deleted a character, or when you have converted a word into the wrong kanji characters or entered a word without correcting it.
(7) LISMO Music and Video compatibility
The W63SA allows the user to enjoy video and music with superior sound quality thanks to the netK2 technology.
*netK2 is technology for improving the sound quality of compressed audio files, which was jointly developed by Victor Company of Japan, Limited and Victor Entertainment, Inc.
(8) Compatibility with a wide range of services offered by au, including au Smart Sports Run & Walk

Main Specifications
Dimensions (mm)
W x H x D
Approx. 50 × 107 × 18.9 (When the handset is folded)
(Approx. 21 mm at the thickest point)
Weight Approx. 129 g (including batteries)
Continuous call duration Approx. 270 minutes
Continuous standby time Approx. 290 hours
Screen size Approx. 2.8 inch wide VGA IPS liquid crystal display
Number of dots on the screen 480 x 800 dots
Camera Approx. 1.99 megapixel auto-focus camera with handshake correction function
Data folder capacity Approx. 800MB (shared with BREW®)
External memory microSD™ memory card (separately sold)
*The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are average durations when the au handset is subject to a stable, adequate transmission, and may be less depending on the area and conditions of use. When continuous call and standby are combined, both durations are shortened. The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are correct at the time of product release and are subject to change without notice due to changes in the specifications of the system and other components by KDDI Group companies. *Other trademarks in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers.