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KYOCERA Introduces W63K, a Basic Model Straight-Type Mobile Phone Featuring a Simple, Sophisticated Design and Superior Usability

June 3, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) today announced that it will begin marketing the W63K, a new straight-type mobile phone for au, which features a simple but classy, sophisticated design, superior usability, and compatibility with au's Friendly Design standards.
The W63K comes with a 2.7 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal display, but at approx. 10.8mm thick it easily fits in a breast pocket. This straight-type mobile phone provides superior operability, saving the trouble of folding and unfolding the handset. Easy and comfortable operation is also ensured by easy-to-press frameless keys with a raised surface, which make this handset the best choice for users who prefer easy calling and e-mailing operation. New functions include iWnn assisted character input function, Bilingual for switching to an English display and Keitai! Kenkouroku which helps users take care of their health. The W63K also features convenient functions such as One-Touch Dial, Peta Memo®, and one-touch font size switching. The W63K is available in the following three colors: Majestic Black, Wine Red and Shiny Gold.
The W63K is a Kyocera model included in the new au models released by KDDI Corporation today.

Photo: W63K: (From left) Majestic Black, Wine Red and Shiny Gold
W63K: (From left) Majestic Black, Wine Red and Shiny Gold

Model W63K
Price Open price
Color of main body Majestic Black, Wine Red and Shiny Gold
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

Main Features
1. Slim and sophisticated body design
The W63K is a slim, straight-type handset approx. 10.8mm thick and weighing only approx. 92g, ready to be carried around easily anytime. The 2.7 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal display uses IPS liquid crystal which ensures a clear view of content. The display also uses scratch resistant hardened glass.
The handset comes in three different colors. Majestic Black is classy and calm. The deep shade and shiny metallic quality of Wine Red expresses gorgeousness. The faintly shining color of Shiny Gold adds a touch of class to the handset. The sides feature textured relief in a matching color. This adds a chic atmosphere to the handset, making it suitable for use by adults.   Photo: Side relief: (From left) Majestic Black, Wine Red and Shiny Gold
Side relief: (From left) Majestic Black,
Wine Red and Shiny Gold
2. User-friendly functions
(1) Friendly design compatibility
The W63K comes with Deka Moji (large characters) for improved visibility of characters, Deka Chakushinon (loud ring tone) which helps the user notice incoming calls, and Deka Juwaon which makes the caller's voice louder. User-friendly considerations are also reflected in basic operations, such as the easy-to-press frameless keys that are raised or depressed from the surface, and the One-Touch Dial function. Further usability is ensured by the Kantan (easy) Mode, which collects all the frequently-used functions for easy access.
(2) The new iWnn assisted character-input function
The handset comes with the new iWnn that makes character input even easier.
It includes Jikan Taiou Yosoku (tense prediction) that displays input candidates by giving priority to those with appropriate tenses, such as past or future tense. This ensures easier, more comfortable creation of E-mail messages.
   *iWnn is a trademark of OMRON Corporation.
(3) One-touch font size switching
The W63K allows the user to switch the size of characters at five levels even when displaying e-mail just by pressing the Call key.
   *Two levels for C-mails
3. Security functions
(1) New Keitai! Kenkouroku
The W63K comes with Keitai! Kenkouroku, our new application software that helps the user take care of his/her health. It allows the user to check if he/she may be ill by answering questions based on Kateino Igaku Shindan Jiten (Family Medical Dictionary). This function also provides a bodyweight control feature.
    *The Keitai! Kenkouroku is a copyrighted work of JustSystems Corporation. The Jiko Shindan Tool (self-diagnostic tool) and Byoumei Kensaku (disease name search) included in the application are copyrighted works of ASK Corporation.
(2) New bilingual function
The handset enables switching between Japanese and English displays.
(3) Key lock switch
It prevents accidental operation when the handset is, for example, in a pocket or a bag.
(4) Nagamochi (long lasting) mode
(5) Security buzzer
(6) Fake call function
This model features the Fake Call function that allows the user to pretend to be talking on the phone. The user can talk naturally following the voice guidance.

Main Specifications
Dimensions (mm)
W x H x D
Approx. 47×135×10.8 (approx. 12.4mm at the thickest point)
Weight Approx. 92g (including batteries)
Continuous call duration Approx. 250 minutes
Continuous standby time Approx. 340 hours
Display 2.7 inch 260,000 color IPS liquid crystal display / 240 x 400 dots (wide QVGA)
Camera Approx. 1.31 megapixel CMOS camera with zoom function
Data folder capacity Approx. 100MB (or 1000 items)
External memory microSD™ memory card (sold separately / max. 2GB)
*The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are the average durations when the au handset has stable, sufficient signal reception, and may be shorter depending on the area and conditions of use. Both the continuous call duration and the continuous standby time become shorter when the handset has been used for both purposes. The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are correct at the time of product release and are subject to change without notice due to changes in the specifications of the system and other components by KDDI Group companies. *Other trademarks in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers.