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KYOCERA Introduces W62K, a Basic Mobile Phone Model Featuring Easy Access to Frequently Used Functions and Superior Operability

June 3, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) today announced that it will begin marketing the W62K, a new model for au, which features easy access to basic functions, superior operability and compatibility with au's Friendly Design standards.

To provide easy operation for any user, the W62K was designed for optimum viewability and usability. In addition to the 2.6 inch QVGA liquid crystal display and large and easy-to-press frameless keys, the W62K provides an array of convenient functions including the Deka (big) function, One-Touch Dial and One-Touch Font Size Switch. The handset also comes with new functions such as iWnn, a new assisted character input function, Bilingual which enables switching to an English display and Keitai! Kenkouroku which helps users take care of their health. The W62K is available in the following three colors: Limpid Blue, Pale Ivory, and Foggy Gray.

The W62K is the Kyocera model included in the new au models announced by KDDI Corporation today.

Photo: W62K Limpid Blue: (From left) Limpid Blue, Pale Ivory and Foggy Gray.
W62K Limpid Blue: (From left) Limpid Blue, Pale Ivory and Foggy Gray.

Model W62K
Price Open price
Color of main body Limpid Blue, Pale Ivory and Foggy Gray
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

Main Features
1. Design and color options
The simple form of the handset was designed to fit any user's hand, and the overall contours of the body give it a touch of softness. The handset comes in three delicate shades: the fresh and translucent Limpid Blue, Pale Ivory with a soft and warm feel, and the cool and austerely elegant Foggy Gray.
2. Functions for viewability and usability
(1) 2.6 inch QVGA liquid crystal display
The liquid crystal display features a wide viewing angle and high contrast which ensures superior viewability.
(2) Large and easy-to-press frameless keys
The large frameless keys are easy to press and the large size of characters make them easy to read.
(3) One-touch dial
Calls can be made to three pre-set numbers just by pressing the 1, 2 or 3 key.
(4) Deka (big) functions
The Deka Moji (characters) function is for larger characters for mail and the address book. The functions also include large, easy-to-see Deka Dokei (clock) and Deka Pict, as well as Deka Juwaon which raises the volume loud enough so you can hear the caller even in a noisy place, and Deka Vibe which makes it easier for the user to notice an incoming call even when the handset is, for example, in a handbag.
(5) One-touch font size switching
The W62K allows the user to change the size of characters at five levels, even when displaying E-mail, just by pressing the Call key. Enlarge the characters to improve the readability.
*Two levels for C-mails
(6) The new iWnn assisted character-input function
The handset comes with the new iWnn, which makes character input even easier.
It includes Jikan Taiou Yosoku (tense prediction), which displays input candidates by giving priority to those with appropriate tenses such as past or future tense. This ensures easier creation of email messages.
*iWnn is a trademark of OMRON Corporation
(7) Kantan (Easy) mode
The Kantan mode allows for simpler operation by making frequently-used functions more easily accessible.
(8) New bilingual function
  The handset enables switching between Japanese and English displays.
3. An array of security functions
(1) New Keitai! Kenkouroku
The W62K comes with Keitai! Kenkouroku, or new application software that helps the user take care of his/her health. It allows the user check if he/she may be ill by answering questions based on Kateino Igaku Shindan Jiten (Family Medical Dictionary). This function also provides a body weight control feature.
*The Keitai! Kenkouroku is a copyrighted work of JustSystems Corporation. The Jiko Shindan Tool (self-diagnostic tool) and Byoumei Kensaku (disease name search) included in the application are copyrighted works of ASK Corporation.
(2) Fake call function
This model features the Fake call function for the safety of users who have to walk alone at night. This function allows the user to pretend to be talking on the phone. It can be activated simply by pressing the information key. The user can talk naturally following the voice guidance.
(3) Other functions include the Security Lock Service, Saigaiji-Navi (a mobile phone-based GPS service for aid in times of disasters such as earthquakes), Remote Lock and emergency earthquake alerts.

Main Specifications
Dimensions (mm)
W x H x D
Approx. 50×100×16.4 (approx. 18.0mm at the thickest point when the handset is folded)
Weight Approx. 116g (including batteries)
Continuous call duration Approx. 240 minutes
Continuous standby time Approx. 350 hours
Main display 2.6 inch 260,000 color ASV liquid crystal display / 240 x 320 dots (QVGA)
Sub display 0.76 inch white organic EL / 96×39 dots
Camera Approx. 1.31 megapixel CMOS camera with zoom function
Data folder capacity Approx. 100MB (or 1000 items)
External memory microSD™ memory card (sold separately / max. 2GB)
*The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are the average durations when the au handset has stable, sufficient signal reception, and may be shorter depending on the area and conditions of use. Both the continuous call duration and the continuous standby time become shorter when the handset has been used for both purposes. The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are correct at the time of product release and are subject to change without notice due to changes in the specifications of the system and other components by KDDI Group companies. *Other trademarks in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers.