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KYOCERA Announces the Publication of ECOLIFE NOTE: An Environmental Booklet for the Employee at Home

The Actions of All Who Care About the Planet Tie in with Environmental Protection

April 17, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced that the Company has published and distributed to the approximately 29,500 employees of the Kyocera Group in Japan (including part-time employees), the ECOLIFE NOTE: An Environmental Booklet for the Employee at Home, which summarizes what employees can do in their own homes to protect the environment.
Since its very earliest days, Kyocera has been practicing environmental management with the aim of achieving sustainable development for the company while aiming for compatibility between ecology and the economy. In response to growing concerns about global warming, Kyocera started a program early on of introducing energy-saving equipment at its head office, plants and other business premises, based on the concept of the Green Factory. In its business activities, the company is working to develop and supply Green Products that help reduce the burden on the global environment such as solar power generation systems.
The company has now affirmed what the individual employee of an Environmentally Advanced Company can do for the global environment, and has distributed this booklet to all employees in the Kyocera Group in Japan to bring a sense of purpose to the practical things that the family can enjoy doing at home.

Photo: ECOLIFE NOTE: An Environmental Booklet for the Employee at Home (A5 size, 30 pages)
ECOLIFE NOTE: An Environmental Booklet for the Employee at Home
(A5 size, 30 pages)

A Message from President Makoto Kawamura
In the introduction, President Makoto Kawamura, who also chairs the Kyocera Group Green Committee, talks about wanting employees to feel that what they do for the family finances is also tied in with what they do for the planet. His message is that the combined actions of many individuals can become tremendously powerful.

Global Warming in Closeup
What is happening on the planet now? The mechanism that causes climate change, abnormal weather and global warming all over the world is clearly explained in photographs and illustrations.

Environmentally Friendly by the Kyocera Group
Examples of current energy saving activities at Kyocera are introduced. These include the adoption of hybrid vehicles as company cars and installing solar power generation systems in Kyocera Group buildings and factories in a way that is easy to understand for children and others in the homes of employees.

Home Environmental Activities and the Environmental Household Accounts
Introduces examples (more than 20) of practical things you can do at home that tie in with environmental protection with an illustration in the form of a cedar tree that shows the amount of CO2 you reduce by doing these things. As well as introducing activities to protect the environment that are easy to do, the last section of the booklet contains the Environmental Household Accounts 2008 Version which balances environmental contributions on a monthly basis.

Image: Left Home Environmental Activities, Right Environmental Household Accounts
"Home Environmental Activities"
"Environmental Household Accounts"

This environmental booklet will be in use during the current financial year, and during April and May the company will organize briefing sessions as needed for employees at all Kyocera Group companies. Kyocera hopes that the booklet will raise environmental awareness even further among all employees and their families, so they will take action to protect the environment with the aim of creating households friendly for both the environment and the family finances.