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KYOCERA Introduces the Pink Kitchen Series

Pink Ceramic Kitchen Utensils to Promote the Early Detection and Prevention of Breast Cancer

April 4, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) is pleased to announce that, from April 10, 2008, it will release the new Pink Kitchen series to the Japanese market. The series consists of five kitchen utensils, namely, a santoku knife, a paring knife, a peeler, a slicer and a cutting board, all in shades of pink.
This new series has been planned and will be distributed to support the objectives of the worldwide Pink Ribbon movement, which is to raise awareness about breast cancer and to prevent it. The series features the color pink, the color that represents the movement. Kyocera Corporation will donate part of the sales of the new series to the Hohoemi (Smile) Fund (Japan Fund for Breast Cancer) at the Japan Cancer Society to contribute to the prevention of breast cancer.

Image:Pink Kitchen Series
Pink Kitchen Series

Reports indicate that women in their 30s to 50s are most prone to breast cancer and that the number of women contracting the disease has been increasing in Japan each year (Source: "Forecast for Cancer Patients in Japan," prepared by Takako Kitagawa et. al.). The key to preventing breast cancer is the diffusion of accurate information through educational activities and early detection through regular check-ups. In addition to enclosing an information pamphlet in the package of the Pink Kitchen series, Kyocera Corporation will distribute the same pamphlet at storefronts of the jewelry shops that it operates, thereby further promoting the Pink Ribbon movement and an understanding of breast cancer. These initiatives are part of the company's efforts to encourage more women to take a breast cancer examination for early detection.
The distribution of ceramic kitchen utensils represents Kyocera's commitment to social contributions. It promotes the Pink Ribbon movement as well as dietary education.
One of Kyocera's group companies in North America, Kyocera Tycom (headquartered in California, the United States) introduced a pink handle on its knives in support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation's movement to eradicate breast cancer, in recognition of the color that represents the movement. The company has been selling knives with a pink handle in the United States since 2004 and has been donating five dollars from the sale of each knife. The money has been used to fund the movement to eradicate breast cancer.