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KYOCERA Launches the 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan

May 13, 2008

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) is pleased to announce that with the end of the 5th Environmental Protection Promotion Plan, which covered a span of three years starting in 2005, the company is launching the new 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan as of the current fiscal year. The three-year plan, which has been used since 1992 to clarify Kyocera action goals for environmental protection, encourages energy-saving measures, waste reduction and other activities to protect the environment.

In keeping with its corporate motto of “Respect the Divine and Love People”, Kyocera has, since its inception, positioned the three “Living Together” concepts—living together with our community, living together with our global society and living together with nature—at the center of all its corporate activities. Recognizing that corporate activities place an environmental burden on the planet and have an impact on the lives of people, the Kyocera Group is united in practicing environmental management, which has as its goal the sustainable development of the corporation, while pursuing compatibility between ecology and economy and signaling a clear vision of environmental protection.

The Kyocera Environment and Safety Vision
Operating on a foundation of Green Management, which develops and administers initiatives, accounting and other environmental management systems, the Kyocera Group is involved in a comprehensive range of activities in the three domains of “Green Products”, “Green Factories” and “Green Communications”. The 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan addresses the themes of preventing global warming, recycling resources, environmental protection and safety in the “Green Products” and “Green Factories” spheres where the Kyocera Group is focusing its combined strength on measures such as researching, developing, marketing and expanding environmentally friendly products and environmental protection activities at factories.

image:Vision of Environment and Safety

Vision of Environment and Safety

The Three Domains of Kyocera Environmental Management:
* Green Products: Creating environmentally friendly products
* Green Factories: Manufacturing that protects the environment during production
* Green Communications: Aiming to be an environmental corporation that is rooted in the region through two-way communications with stakeholders

Features of the 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan
Based on the results of the 5th Plan, the 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan establishes specific goals and plans for the next three years with a target of March 2011, but the plan also determines the destination point ten years into the future.

image:Fluctuations in greenhouse emissions (Kyocera Corporation Only)

Fluctuations in greenhouse emissions (Kyocera Corporation Only)

With, for example, action to prevent global warming, in addition to the mainstream goal of reducing absolute amounts of green house gas emissions, Kyocera has set a reduction target of 44% in units per net sales by FY2010, which exceeds the voluntary goal of a 35% reduction from 1990 levels set by the electronics and electric industry. Moreover, the plan outlines the goals for the next five-year and ten-year periods with a 50% reduction target for FY2012 and a 65% reduction target for FY2017 from the 1990 levels. The company plans to step up its efforts by implementing specific tactics such as energy-saving measures for production equipment, solar power generation systems, high-efficiency turbo refrigerators and fuel conversion.   

According to Hisashi Sakumi, General Manager of the Kyocera Corporate Environment and Education Group, Kyocera is pursuing initiatives aimed at improving environmental contributions and environmental awareness on a global scale. “As part of its environmental protection activities, Kyocera is developing a number of approaches for all regions focusing on the locales of its plants and business premises, to reach out to households and the regional community,” Sakumi stated.

The 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan: Activity Items and Scope of Objectives
In its present form, the plan consists of the 13 activity items listed below. The scale of the plan will be expanded from Kyocera and the companies in the domestic group to include overseas group companies with all 68,000 employees (as of April 1, 2008) of the Kyocera Group participating in the effort.


Global environmentally-friendly products promotion plan


Products environmental quality promotion plan*


Energy saving promotion plan


Global warming prevention promotion plan


Resource conservation promotion plan


Paper resource conservation promotion plan


Packing materials consumption promotion plan


Revised environmental management standard


Waste reduction promotion plan


Chemical substances measurement promotion plan


Health and safety promotion plan*


Fire and disaster prevention promotion plan*


Perfect 5S promotion plan*

* New additions to the 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan