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Joint Project to Promote Dietary Education:

Teaching 3-5 year-old children with their parents about the importance of dietary health

March 27, 2008
Kyocera Corporation
Kids Station Inc.
Japan Private Nursery School Association

Kyocera Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto-shi, Kyoto; President: Makoto Kawamura; “Kyocera”), Kids Station Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasuyuki Uchida; “Kids Station”), and the Japan Private Nursery School Association (Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Kyoshin Kurokawa; “JPNSA”) will engage in multifaceted dietary educational activities where children and parents can interact, grow, and learn more about dietary health. We are pleased to announce that JPNSA will be joining this FY2008 project— which revives a previous project called “Family Cooking”—run by Kyocera and Kids Station to promote dietary education.

Leveraging its nationwide network of 6,800 approved private nursery schools, JPNSA and the two other organizations will be able to expand dietary education to include even more children and parents.

photo:Dietary educational activity at a JPNSA-affiliated nursery school
Dietary educational activity at a JPNSA-affiliated nursery school

With the enactment of the Basic Law on Dietary Education in July 2005, people have become more aware about diet and health. Dietary education encourages people to form richer dietary habits by steering them toward thinking more about what they eat, and it is a vital part of the three pillars of education, which focus on intellectual, moral, and physical development.

In FY2008, these three organizations will encourage parent-child communications through food and cooking by conducting educational activities using JPNSA’s nationwide network of 6,800 nursery schools, and taking advantage of each field by offering regular Family Cooking lessons in nursery schools and campaigning for better education about the human diet.

[Summary of Joint Project for Promoting Dietary Education]
1) Family Cooking lessons in nursery schools across the country
Monthly regular event of Family Cooking classes (held 12 times a year), offered in nursery schools across Japan, will be broadcast on CATV and other stations nationwide. The programs will show what the parent-child groups are doing in each nursery school and give information about the typical food enjoyed in each local area as well as the cooking event. We will create familiar and friendly programs.

We will endeavor to promote dietary education through schools by distributing DVDs of the programs to JPNSA’s network of 6,800 nursery schools.

2) Campaign to promote dietary education
Campaign events to educate the public about diet will be held twice a year, in summer and winter, to create opportunities for parents and children to learn about both the pleasure and importance of our diet. This campaign will be coordinated with JPNSA with multifaceted approaches and consist of the CATV Family Cooking programs and the Family website as well as other events in stores.

3) Other dietary education events
The organizations will further collaborate with local CATV and other stations to hold other events for parents and children who are aiming to promote dietary education and create opportunities for more parents and children to learn about appropriate diet in venues such as department stores and kitchen studios.

[Summary of dietary education activities of each organization]
Kyocera Corporation
In April 1959, Kyocera was established in Kyoto as a specialized manufacturer of fine ceramics. Now it has a wide range of businesses including electronic components, solar power generating systems, and mobile phones. As a manufacturer supplying kitchen utensils made of fine ceramics, it also promotes dietary education. The company believes in the importance of creating opportunities for children to access cooking sites, and it tries to help them understand diet by giving them hands-on experience in the proper use of kitchen utensils, including knives. Believing that promoting dietary education in such a way is one of the most important contributions it can make to society, the company has created opportunities to learn about the importance of diet and the pleasure of cooking throughout past activities.
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Kids Station Inc.
Established in April 1993, Kids Station runs the TV channel specialized in children and animation, Kids Station.
Viewed by 8,080,000 households as of the end of January 2008, the channel offers 24-hour broadcasts of programming that can be enjoyed by anyone and stimulates intellectual and emotional development, including quality reruns, and popular animations.
It began airing the Family Cooking program in April 2006. This program focuses on parent-child communications as a means to teach about various aspects of the human diet, including harvesting, cooking, and eating. It aims to help children cultivate the five senses and learn the pleasure, joy, and importance of cooking and eating good food. Apart from broadcasting, it has used audience participation in a variety of ways to promote dietary education, holding campaigns and TV program events in collaboration with CATV stations.
It also runs a dietary education website, which has the recipes for the dishes that were prepared on the TV programs and support enjoyable dietary experience for parents and children.
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Japan Private Nursery School Association
JPNSA was formed in 1958, and 6,800 approved nursery schools nationwide are currently affiliated with the association. It has evolved with the goals of “reviving children’s zest for living,” “restoring the family’s ability to nurture,” and “rebuilding communities to support children and households.” Its Campaign to Nurture a Renaissance, which was launched in FY2005 and will continue over a three-year period from FY2008 in the Campaign to Nurture a Renaissance II, aims to help foster a more nurturing society. Part of the campaign will be to promote hands-on activities to help children learn the joy and importance of growing, harvesting, cooking, and eating good food together. Nursery schools across the country have endeavored to teach these lessons to children, and it is hoped that the lessons will be extended to society as a whole.
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