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Sparkling Dress Keys Featuring Recrystallized Gemstones

Choose your favorite design to decorate your key from 60 variations

February 27, 2008

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) is pleased to announce the launch on March 1 of made-to-order Dress Keys, decorating jewels in the heads of keys. The service is provided through five Crescent Vert company stores around Japan.

The Dress Keys are made-to-order, and enable keys to be adorned with recrystallized gemstones according to a design selected from 60 combinations.

Through this new concept, Kyocera offers its customers a higher level of sophistication to carry their keys like a fashion accessory.

photo:Dress Keys
Dress Keys

Service start date

March 1, 2008

Sales channel

Crescent Vert company stores in Japan
(Ginza, Kyoto, Osaka Umeda, Kobe Sannomiya and Hiroshima)

Price (including tax)

From 24,000 yen to 98,000 yen (Price varies depending on the design)

Design variations

・Shape of head (two types in total)
・Design of head (six types in total)
・Material of head (three types in total)
・Type of recrystallized gemstone (three types in total)
(60 variations in total)


Head:  Silver
  Silver + Gold coating
  10K Yellow Gold
Recrystallized gemstones: Emerald, blue sapphire and ruby

Delivery period

Two to three weeks (depending on key design and other factors)

* Some of the designs may not be available depending on the shape of the key.

60 design combinations
People of all ages can attain a higher level fashion by expressing their individual style in a sophisticated manner by mounting their favorite jewels on or monogramming daily items to wear.

Dress Keys can be designed by choosing from two head shapes (box line and Y line), six head designs (cross, heart, ribbon, crown, DK and argyle), three head materials (silver, gold coating and 10K yellow gold) and three types of jewel (recrystallized emerald, recrystallized blue sapphire and recrystallized ruby). In total, there are 60 combinations available, allowing customers to express their personal style.

Dress Keys provide customers with the opportunity to fashionably adorn their keys, which used to be mere devices, as a means of self-expression and personal enrichment.

Dress Keys Samples
photo:Dress Keys Samples
Combinations of Headshapes,
Designs and Materials


Box line

Y line



















S = Silver K10YG = 10K Yellow Gold
GC = Silver + Gold coating

Recrystallized gemstones "Inamori Stones"
Kyocera has provided recrystallized gemstones since 1975 based on its belief that the inherent attraction of jewels is to create for people a dream and offer personal enrichment. Its jewelry business has been supported by the crystallizing technology that Kyocera has developed for more than 33 years. Recrystallized gemstones, also known as Inamori Stones, are jewels that have the same chemical composition as the genuine article. They are cultivated under careful control by applying the crystallizing technology of fine ceramics. Recrystallized gemstones have fewer feathers than natural jewels and have vivid colors and a radiant sheen. They can also be machined in complex ways. 

Inamori Stones’ sparkles add brilliant colors to Dress keys.

photo:Dress Keys Samples Using Rubies and Sapphires
Dress Keys Samples Using Rubies and Sapphires
photo:Recrystallized Emerald
Recrystallized Emerald