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KYOCERA Introduces Ceramic Utility Knife in Five Colors

Create a Vivid and Enjoyable Kitchen

January 30, 2008

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) is pleased to announce that starting from February 1, 2008 it will introduce ceramic utility knives in five colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. These are an addition to the nationally available lineup of ceramic kitchen utensils.
The new utility knife colors, in addition to the kitchen utensils launched so far, will enable you to coordinate the kitchen in your house to completely suit your taste.

image:Ceramic Utility Knife

Release date

From February 1, 2008 at department stores, retail stores and DIY stores in Japan

Handle color

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue


Open price


227 x 28 x 19 mm (length x width x thickness)

Blade size  

110 mm



Blade material

Fine ceramics

Handle material


Sales target

60,000 knives in the first year

Ceramic Kitchen Utensils with Unique and Outstanding Features
These kitchen utensils made of fine ceramics have the following features:

  • ・Rust-free
  • ・Odor-free
  • ・Kitchen bleaching detergent safe
  • ・Maintains sharpness longer

Recently the advantages of ceramic knives in particular have begun to be widely recognized. It has been more than ten years since 1985 when Kyocera expanded its distribution of ceramic knives nationwide, and a total of about 3,700,000 knives have been sold since then. More than 500,000 are sold every year now. As for the overseas sales, Kyocera began selling ceramic knives first in the United States in the early 1990s. Since then, admired for their edge, the reputation of ceramic knives has spread from the United States to Europe. In recent years ceramic knives are also gathering attention in Asia, being sold at department stores in Asian countries, including more than 25 stores in China.
Kyocera released a ceramic utility knife with a standard black handle as a part of the Revolution Ceramic Knife Series in February 2007. Since the utility knife is made of fine ceramics, as opposed to steel, it is odor-free, and you can cook without spoiling any of the food’s original flavor. It is especially suitable for fruit which are often eaten fresh. Now five new colors of this utility knife will be marketed.

Color Spread of Various Kitchen Goods
Nowadays it is not uncommon to have a party at home, which has made a modern kitchen not just a place to cook but a place to socialize. To coordinate a kitchen where people meet to suit their own taste, more and more people want a rich variety of kitchen goods that come in abundant design variations, and are of high quality and excellent functionality as well.
Kyocera has been developing a series of kitchen utensils in a range of colors since January 2006. The same five colors of Santoku Knife, peeler, slicer, and cooking board as those of the utility knife to be launched at this time have been already released. These colors are very popular not just among housewives in their forties to fifties who are the target demographic of the ceramic knives, but among young women in their twenties to thirties because of the ease of use and colorful appearance.

The enrichment of the color lineup not only increases usefulness, but helps customers to express their own personality with their favorite colors. These Kyocera products play a part in creating a vivid and enjoyable kitchen.