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KYOCERA Introduces Beautifully Illuminated W61K

Compact Handset Easy to Use with Friendly Design

January 28, 2008
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura), announced today that it will begin marketing the new au model W61K, a compact handset with a beautifully illuminated front panel. The new model is Friendly Design compatible and is only 47-mm wide. The product is being added to au's new models released.

The W61K is ideal for women since it fits comfortably in the user's pocket or bag without taking up much space. The U-shape carving-like light beautifully illuminates the front panel in a variety of illumination patterns. In addition to compatibility with LISMO and Osaifu Keitai®, it is equipped with new functions such as the Fake Call function, for safety when walking alone at night, and the graphic memo, which can be used as an album that the user can add comments to. The model is also amply equipped with handy functions such as large easy-to-press frameless keys, one-touch dialing and the new Kantan Mode (easy mode) that puts together all the frequently used functions.
The W61K is available in the following three colors: Serenity Pink, Glimmer White and Burnished Black.

image:W61K: Serenity Pink, Serenity Pink  Glimmer White, Burnished Black
W61K: Serenity Pink
Serenity Pink    Glimmer White    Burnished Black

Model W61K
Price Open price
Color of main body Serenity Pink, Glimmer White and Burnished Black
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

Main Features
1) Approx. 47-mm wide compact handset with a nice grip
  Despite the body being only 47-mm wide, 99-mm tall and 17.8-mm thick, the W61K is equipped with a 2.7-inch wide QVGA liquid crystal display. Since the display is made of hardened glass, it is anti-scratch.
2) Beautiful carving-like illumination and panel design
  The front panel features a beautiful U-shape carving-like illumination. This pattern varies depending on the color of the body and beautifies the panel colorfully. There are twenty illumination patterns available *. This illumination is also functional as it turns on when the handset is used as an Osaifu Keitai®.
image:Carving-like illumination varies depending on the color of the body
Carving-like illumination varies depending on the color of the body
  The translucent front panel creates a high-quality appearance to match each body color. Serenity Pink exhibits a gradation color that makes it look like a powder compact, Glimmer White takes on a pearly luster created by the grid pattern and Burnished Black gives a luxury impression with a deep blue spinning pattern.
The model also uses key fonts suitable for each color.
* Available for limited number of functions such as incoming calls and mails.
3) Useful functions for everyday use
(1) Osaifu Keitai® mobile wallet compatibility
  The W61K offers Osaifu Keitai® compatibility, providing an array of electronic money and membership card choices. In addition, it supports "Touch Message" which allows the user to send and receive data including profiles, images and messages just by putting the model on top of another compatible model. The carving-like illumination lights up while data transmission is in process.
(2) A new "Fake Call" function
  The model features "Fake Call" for the safety of women who have to walk alone at night. This new function allows the user to "pretend" to talk on the phone and it can be activated simply by pressing the information key *. The user can talk naturally following the voice guidance.
* This needs to be set in advance.
(3) A new "Graphic Memo" function for use with the camera
The W61K also features, as a part of the camera function of the handset, a Graphic Memo function that allows the user to store comments with their photos. Since the photos can be categorized, it makes them easy to organize.  
image:Graphic Memo
Graphic Memo
(4) Various screen designs
  The W61K has four different designs preinstalled so that users can select a favorite design according to their lifestyle and taste. Screens include a stand-by screen, a menu screen and a pictographic display that can all be changed at once, depending on the selected theme. The W61K comes preset with a theme suitable for its body color, specifically, Serenity Pink with Chocolate, a fancy chocolates motif, Glimmer White with Pure Water, a clear water surface motif, and Burnished Black with Casino, a games motif.
Images:Screen designs: Chocolate, Pure Water, Casino and Window
Screen designs: Chocolate, Pure Water, Casino and Window
4) Functions designed for user-friendliness
(1) Friendly Design compatible
  The W61K places importance on the basic functions of a handset, such as large character display and easy-to-press keys.
It features large and easy-to-press frameless keys. The user can store frequently dialed telephone numbers in the keys 1, 2 and 3 and make a call simply by holding down the key. The model also gives consideration to visibility by adopting the universal font for the screen displays such as mail display (character fonts).
Kantan Mode (easy mode) puts together frequently used functions so that they can be used even more easily.
(2) New one-touch character size switching
  The W61K allows the user to switch the size of characters when displaying E-mail or C-mail just by pressing the Call key. This improves the usability allowing the user to shrink the character size for a long message so that the user can see the entire message on one screen, or to expand the character size for short messages.
(3) New inbox function
  The W61K allows the user to lock folders created under the inbox when the appropriate setting is made. For security purposes, this function prevents other parties from viewing mails.
The capacity of the inbox and sent box has been increased to 2.5MB and 1MB respectively so that much more mails can be stored.
(4) User-friendly camera
  The W61K features an auto-focus camera with approximately 1.97 mega pixels. The renewed Scene Select Function allows users to select the suitable setting according to the scene. There are eight settings for scenes commonly photographed by handset phones: Standard, People, Landscape, Food, Sports, Night Views, Sunset, Memo & Map.
5) Other important functions
(1) Mail functions
  This model supports Decoration Mail, which allows the user to design mails by changing the background, font color and layout using pictures and photos in a preset template. The model also comes with Wrapping Mail, which allows senders to convey their feelings by attaching a relevant animation. The model also supports Kyocera's unique Emotion Mail® function, which displays the feelings of the sender by displaying one of eight icons depicting different facial expressions such as joy, anger, and worry.
(2) LISMO Video Clips
(3) Extended Mode (supports optical sensor)
(4) Peta Memo
(5) PC site viewer
(6) Open application player
(7) Game "Noryoku Supplement (Trial Version) " (©MEGA HOUSE ©BTD STUDIO)

EZ Book "Hana Yori Dango / Wide Version" (© Yoko Kamio · Leaf Production / Shueisha, Inc.) Trial Version

Main Specifications
Dimensions(mm)W×H×D Approx. 47×99×17.8 (approx. 18.0mm at the thickest point)
Weight Approx. 117g (including batteries)
Continuous call duration
Continuous standby time
Approx. 250 minutes
Approx. 330 hours
Main display 2.7 inch 260,000 color TFT transmissive LCD screen/240×400 dots (wide QVGA)
Sub display 0.76 inch white organic EL/96×39 dots
Camera 1.97 mega pixel CMOS camera with auto-focus
Data folder capacity Approx. 100MB (or 1000 items), with EZ Appli (BREW®) folder
External memory microSD™ memory card (commercial product, Max. 2GB)
* The continuous call duration and the continuous standby time are correct at the time of product release and are subject to change without notice due to changes in the specifications of the system and other components by KDDI Group companies. *BREW® and trademarks related to BREW® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Qualcomm. *Osaifu-Keitai is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.* microSD™ is a trademark of SD Association. *Other trademarks in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers.