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KYOCERA Announces Release of HONEY BEE Straight Type PHS Phone

Designed with a Playful Spirit and Offering Pop Color Variations First PHS to Support Decorative Mail

January 21, 2008
Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) has announced that it is to commercialize a unique PHS phone called "HONEY BEE" (straight-type), designed with a playful spirit and offering color variations. This PHS phone is for Willcom and targets a wide range of users who primarily access the phone call service and mail service on the Willcom Flat-Rate Plan, mainly centered on young people.

Kyocera has adopted five popular color offerings (pink, blue, black, yellow, and white) and a fun-to-touch three-dimensional key design for "HONEY BEE." In terms of functions, it is the first PHS to support decorative mail, and a new infrared communication function has been incorporated to support more convenient and enjoyable communication. In addition, a honey bee has been adopted as the product mascot in order to promote a feeling of attachment among users. "HONEY BEE" is scheduled to be released through Willcom sales channels at the end of February.

photo:HONEY BEE:  Pink (P), Blue (A), Black (K), Yellow (Y), and White (W)
HONEY BEE: Pink (P), Blue (A), Black (K), Yellow (Y), and White (W)

Product name
Main body color
Pink (P), Black (K), White (W)
Blue (A), Yellow (Y)
Release date
Scheduled for late February, 2008
Scheduled for mid-March, 2008
Open price
Sales company
Standard set Main body, battery cover, AC adapter (AD330K), desktop holder (CH331K), lithium ion battery (LD331K), USB cable, CD-ROM, easy manual, and instruction manual (warranty)
* Kyocera Corporation will run the HONEY BEE Debut Campaign from February 14 to March 14, 2008. Users can easily participate in the campaign by sending a mail from a mobile phone or PHS. Kyocera Corporation will select 88 winners from among contest entrants to receive a HONEY BEE Original iPod nano. For further information , please visit the HONEY BEE site (

Main features
1. A variety of color options and a playful design
  HONEY BEE is a slim and compact straight-type PHS phone with a thickness of 9.9mm and featuring a built-in antenna. Five color variations-pink, blue, black, yellow, and white-are offered. Two colors (blue and yellow) have a matte coating, which provides comfortable feeling when touched, while a clear, shiny coating is used for pink, black, and white models. In addition, the number pad features an embossed finish. This distinctive PHS phone thus achieves both fun and user-friendliness.
photo:Keypads for the pink (clear coating finish) and blue (matte coating finish) models
Keypads for the pink (clear coating finish) and blue (matte coating finish) models
2. New features of enjoyable communications
1) Decorative mail
  HONEY BEE is the first PHS to support decorative mail, enabling users to decorate their messages with colors and animated pictures. The phone comes with ten pre-installed decorative templates. Additional decorative templates and pictographs are also to be distributed via Kyocera Corporation's original "Site K" website.
* Depending on the type and size of inserted files, functions, and settings of handsets, decoration mails may not be displayed correctly.
2) Infrared data communication (IrDA)
  This function enables users to easily exchange telephone numbers, addresses, images, and other types of data with mobile phones and PHS phones that support infrared data communication.
3. Enhanced basic functions
1) Support for the Opera browser Ver.7.2EX
2) Call-waiting display function : If there is another incoming call during a call, a ring sounds to announce another incoming call and the caller's name is displayed.
3) Protracted phone call
notification function
: A notification ring sounds if a call lasts for more than two hours.
4) Stable link : Pressing the My Original Key for one second or more causes the unit to catch the strongest radio wave available, allowing users to enjoy comfortable and clear phone calls.
HONEY BEE character
A honey bee character has been adopted as the "HONEY BEE" product mascot. This character appears in the main menu screen, the decorative mail screen, and other screens.
"HONEY BEE" character and main menu

Main specifications of "HONEY BEE"
Dimensions (mm) W×H×D Approx. 42×120×9.9
Weight Approx. 73g (When the battery is installed)
Continuous standby time/
Continuous call duration
Approx.610 hours*1/Approx. 7 hours*1
Main display 2.0 inch QVGA (240×320 dots)
Address book 1000 records
Mail Email (POP3/SMTP), light mail, and decorative mail

*1 This is a rough estimate for when the signal can be received normally.
* HONEY BEE is a trademark of Kyocera Corporation.
*Opera is a trademark or registered trademark of Opera Software ASA.
*Windows is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
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