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15.4mm slim, designed for ease-of-use

KYOCERA Announces the Release of W53K a Slim One-Seg Mobile Phone

October 16, 2007
Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura), announced that it is to commercialize W53K, a 15.4mm slim one-seg mobile phone designed with special attention to ease of use, as a new model for au. The product is being added to au's new models released today.

The W53K released today builds on the concept of the highly acclaimed W44K model, the thinnest WIN model at just 15.3mm which the company announced in August 2006, with the addition of one-seg function. A slim one-seg mobile phone thin enough at 15.4mm to slip neatly into a breast pocket, equipped with single-shot one-seg activation and one-touch dialing, the model pursues new levels of ease-of-use. The W53K also comes packed with basic functions like floating character illumination, a 2.7 inch W-QVGA liquid crystal display, two-megapixel auto-focus camera, and PC Website Viewer.
The model is offered in three colors: Passionate Red, Luminous Silver, and Champagne Pink.

*As of October 16, 2007, according to research by Kyocera

photo : W53K: Passionate Red photo : Passionate Red, Luminous Silver, Champagne Pink
W53K: Passionate Red Passionate Red, Luminous Silver, Champagne Pink

Model W53K
Price Open price
Main body color Passionate Red, Luminous Silver, Champagne Pink
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

Main features of W53K

1. Functions designed with focus on ease-of-use
1) Support for one-seg mobile digital broadcasting, only 15.4mm thick
The W53K's slim body, which fits easily in the hand at 15.4mm thick and 49mm wide, is equipped with one-seg functionality.
One-seg starts up simply by closing the body with the screen rotated, allowing users to enjoy television reception right away on the 2.7 inch wide liquid crystal display screen. In addition, it allows users to easily set recording of one-seg program simply by choosing the content from a list of programs.

photo : One-seg start-up
One-seg start-up

2) Easy calling with One-Touch Dial
Calls can be made to three pre-set contacts with the touch of a single button (pressing the 1, 2, or 3 key for an extended amount of time). These keys are different color from the others, making them easier to see.

3) Easy-to-press Frameless keys
To preserve operability despite the thin body, the W53K mounts large, easy-to-press Frameless Keys.

4) A simple and convenient Information Key

The Information Key, conveniently located just where the finger hits when taking the phone out of a breast pocket, makes it easy to check schedules and the latest information.

5) Versatile floating illumination

The model is equipped with an information area where information floats across a half-mirror. The eight-character illumination, which appears at first glance to be randomly arranged, stylishly presents incoming calls, received mail, and the information about the music currently playing. Meanwhile, information such as schedules is displayed on the organic EL sub-display, which pursuing easy to read.

6) Nagamochi (long lasting) mode to save power consumption

The model incorporates a new "light sensor coordination" function into the battery-saving Nagamochi mode. The light sensor function makes possible the reduction of battery use by sensing the brightness of the usage environment and automatically turning the media display backlight and key illumination on or off.

photo : Illumination
photo : In bright settings key illumination goes off   photo : In dim settings, key illumination turns on
In bright
settings, key
goes off
  In dim
settings, key
turns on

2. Packed with basic features
Despite its slim body, the W53K is amply equipped with basic features.

1) Equipped with two-megapixel auto-focus camera
2) Compatible with LISMO video clips
3) Compatible with PC Website Viewer

Main specification of W53K
Dimensions (mm)W×H×D Approx. 49×106×15.4 (approx. 18.9mm at the thickest point)
Weight Approx. 130g (including batteries)
Continuous call duration
Continuous standby time
Approx. 250 minutes
Approx. 300 hours
Main display 2.7 inch 260,000 color TFT transmissive LCD screen/240×400 dots (wide QVGA)
Sub display 0.76 inch white organic EL/96×39 dots
Camera 1.97 megapixel CMOS camera with auto-focus
Data folder capacity Approx. 100MB (or 1000 items), with EZ Appli (BREW®) folder

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